How to Open an Outlook Email From Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

By Taylor Valnes | February 28, 2024

Creating a starting template for an email in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations lets you add additional emails and modify content from your ERP environment.

Recently we had a client ask how to do this, so I have worked up a quick and simple guide for you to follow if you want to do the same.

To open an Outlook email from Dynamics 365 you can use the following code. In this code, we're using a basic "mailto" and the browser class to open the "mailto".

It's important to note there are three potential pitfalls with this:

  1. The computer you are trying to use this on has to have Outlook installed or it won't work.
  2. Your browser may attempt to block the pop-up. You'll need to allow it.
  3. The first time you run this, it will ask you how to open it. You can either check or uncheck the box that says "Always do whichever option you pick." For example, if it offers you a browser or Outlook, you can check the box of the one you'd prefer it use.

Here is the code:

final class SSI_SendEmail
    public static void sendEmail(str _to, str _subject, str _body = '')
        //This creates the base strings we need for the mail to
        str mailTo = 'mailto:%1?subject=%2';
        str body = '&body=%1';
        //Initialize the browser
        Browser browser = new Browser();
        //Put the mailto together with the appropriate variables.
        str openEmail = strFmt(mailTo, _to, _subject);
        if(_body != '')
            body = strFmt(body, _body);
            openEmail = strFmt('%1%2', openEmail, body);
        //Launch the mailto.
        browser.navigate(openEmail);    }

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