How to Refresh Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations UAT with Dual Write from PROD

By Jackie Olson | December 14, 2023

If you have ever found a bug or issue in your PROD environment in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, it can be a pain to trace the cause of it and identify a fix.

You'll have to get one of your developers (or hire one) to trace the issue so they can troubleshoot it. This can be a long and relatively tedious process.

Whatever your issue is, one of the easiest resolutions is to refresh your UAT environment from PROD and create a clone of your environment for testing and training purposes.

Assuming you have dual-write in PROD and dual-write in your UAT environment, you can follow these steps for the refresh:

  1. Refresh Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement PROD to D365 Customer Engagement UAT at a selected PITR (Example: 10/3/2003 8:00 PM Central time) - Back up and restore environments – D365 CE |Dynamics 365
  2. Refresh D365 Finance and Operations PROD to D365 Finance and Operations UAT using the same PITR time as step 1 using the Move database task in LCS. - Point-in-time restore of the production database to a sandbox environment - Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365
  3. NOTE: For these next steps, make sure to use an account that has a system admin role in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations UAT.
  4. In D365 Customer Engagement UAT put the environment in Admin mode. - Administration mode – D365 CE | Dynamics 365
  5. In D365 Finance and Operations UAT, stop all the running of the maps (Data Management workspace> Dual write tile…..) Take screenshots of the running maps and which maps you are stopping. You will need this information later. (Or refer to your PROD environment).
  6. Then follow the RESET link steps in Scenario 1 in this link - Reset dual-write connections - Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 (The HealthCheck wizard will walk you through the reset up of the link, & select companies, etc.)
  7. Restart the maps that you stopped in step #4. (Data management > dual write….)
  8. In D365 Customer Engagement UAT – take it off Admin mode. - Administration mode – D365 CE | Dynamics 365

When to Use Pause Mapping

During code deployment to D365 F&O in PROD. The pause will send the traffic between CE and F&O to a queue and will be resumed after you un-pause/restart.

Another example where this process can help you is if you have some new code you want to be promoted to UAT and want to test it with a fresh set of data from PROD before it goes live.

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