How to Route Support Requests to Different Departments Using Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement

By Skye O'Brien | June 2, 2019

As a company with several different departments that all process support requests from different client types, we rely heavily on Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement to manage support tickets. When a support ticket is emailed to Stoneridge, it is automatically routed in D365 Customer Engagement (CE) to the correct support team based on flagged fields in CRM. Using the Automatic Record Creation and Update Rules, the system automatically knows which software the client uses and creates a case within CRM for the appropriate support team and includes all pertinent information about that client including name, contact information, support request history, and current request.

Here’s an example of how this process works when a client uses multiple software systems.

Support request in D365 CE example

Cats Inc. is a Stoneridge client that utilizes Dynamics AX for their ERP software and Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement for their CRM software. Cats Inc. has Mike Hat in charge of AX and Will Purr in charge of CRM.

Mike Hat is a contact within Stoneridge Software’s CRM system and has Dynamics AX tied to him as a primary support product. When he submits a support request via email, the Automatic Record Creation Rules kick off a workflow that looks at Mike Hat’s Contact record’s ‘Primary Support Product’ field. The value in that field identifies which support team the request should be routed to. The support team at Stoneridge can then use the Case entity sort to access a list of all requests for a specific support product and, in this case, Mike Hat’s request would appear at the top of the queue.

If Will Purr emails a support request, the same process occurs but the case will be automatically routed to the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement team because his individual contact card lists CRM as his primary product.

Many options for workflows in D365 CE

You can set up the same types of workflows to help manage your business. For example, if a distribution center has multiple departments with support employees, you can route requests within CRM to the appropriate department. Aside from support teams, this feature in D365 CE can be used to route product purchases, requests by location, product type, and more.

If you’re wondering if Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement can help you streamline your business processes, reach out to us. Our team has the ability to customize Dynamics 365 to meet the needs of your business, increasing your efficiency and reducing, or eliminating, manual processes.

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