Microsoft Dynamics for Process Manufacturing

Manufacturers and distributors of natural, industrial or consumer packaged products face many unique challenges. In addition to customer demands for fast deliveries and lower costs, your company also faces the need to:

  • Maximize capacity
  • Manage co-products and by-products
  • Comply with regulatory mandates
  • Meet changing customer demands
  • Continuously drive process improvement

Stoneridge Software implements and supports end-to-end solutions that covers financials, business intelligence, contract management, manufacturing, warehousing, and supply chain and distribution.

A Stoneridge Software implementation of Microsoft Dynamics will help you:

  • Reduce development cycles
  • Respond quickly to customer trends
  • Comply with changing regulations
  • Maintain quality standards
  • Control costs and increase profitability

With the right system in place, you can improve operations, get better visibility into your supply chain, increase your competitiveness and in turn, your bottomline.

In addition to its core capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics provides companies specializing in process manufacturing with tight integration of business processes to help increase efficiency and cut operational costs. Microsoft Dynamics empowers you to eliminate maintaining several silo systems and consolidate core company functions, along with discrete, lean, and process manufacturing into a single ERP solution.

Merrick Pet Care Streamlines Warehouse Production to Increase Accuracy, Better Understand Costs, and Deliver Shipments in Record Time

When your team is logging overtime hours to manually fix data discrepancy errors, you know it’s time to take action. For Merrick Pet Care, the struggle of dealing with incorrect inventory on-hand balances had become routine. Not only was it hard on personnel, but this costly and inefficient process was also causing shipping delays…

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Key features in Microsoft Dynamics for Process Manufacturing Production and Logistics:

  • Formula management
  • Co-product and by-product planning and management, including allocating costs for unplanned co-products and by-products
  • Multi-dimensional inventory capability
  • Containerized packaging
  • Full visibility and partial visibility catch weight management
  • Batch attribute assignment, search, and reserve capability
  • Inventory batch management
  • First expired/first out (FEFO) and shelf life inventory management with the ability to set vendor-specific batch information
  • Commodity pricing management
  • Rebate and trade promotion management
  • Approved vendor set up and maintenance
  • Vendor batch detail set up and maintenance
  • Potency management
  • Batch balancing for potency formulas
  • Purchase pricing based on actual potency
  • Lot inheritance
  • Batch order sequencing

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“Stoneridge Software is a team of knowledgeable professionals with a broad degree of expertise. They are partners that help move our business forward.”
Wayne Freeman, Director of Information Technology, Merrick Pet Care, Inc.

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