Long Term Financial Security with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

By Britt Pangerl | August 5, 2021

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement enables businesses to enhance their customer service experience and make doing business easier. As a leading platform, Dynamics 365 is set up to take the weight off your business's shoulders and give you peace of mind for the future. As your company considers the right CRM or Customer Engagement solution, it is time to ask yourself the big questions such as could my software system be more stable and financially predictable? Is my system setting my business up for a healthy and flexible financial future? These are big questions and important things to have addressed during your search. 

There are many financial benefits when choosing Dynamics 365 and below is an overview of just some of the benefits including: 

  • Sustainable and predictable pricing 
  • Continuous improvements and upgrades 
  • The ability to scale your environment up or down to fit user requirements and financial goals 
  • Subscription-based support from Stoneridge 

Let’s dive into each of these points and see how Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement can help you reach your business goals and save your wallet.  

Sustainable and Predictable Pricing for CRM

One of the largest benefits of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is the sustainable, predictable, and scalable pricing. After implementing Customer Engagement, a monthly subscription price is set based on the number of licenses and modules in use. Another great flexibility when using Customer Engagement is scaling up or down on the number of users month to month. This means user permissions can be added or removed based on your needs at the time. The ability to scale your solution and users allows you to right-size the software to meet your needs and control your costs. Overall, Customer Engagement allows your company to better control, budget, and save money however you see fit without any surprises.  

Continuous Improvements and Upgrades 

You’ve done it! Made it to the Cloud, saving money and keeping your data safe. There are eight releases each year for Dynamics 365, two of which are major releases that include a myriad of new features and functionality. These releases can easily be applied to your environment with minimal effort on your part and without experiencing any significant system downtime. Upgrades of the past that required significant time and resources are now no longer a necessity.   

Stay up to date and hear what is coming with you through communications from Microsoft or Stoneridge about upcoming releases and you’re your users and organization can benefit. 

Scale up or Down 

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement allows you to take a more affordable and reasonable path to managing the customer experience.  

Three of the most popular modules or apps for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement include sales, marketing, and customer engagement. Each module allows you to build a better experience for your customers and better manage their data. But you don’t always need or want all three parts. Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement allows you to use these three modules in any combination, scaling up or down based on your business and customer need. This bundling option also makes it much more affordable and customizable. The bundling option also means you can add or remove users. You are not locked into paying a certain number of users, per app, again allowing tasks and usage to be much more scalable and tailored to your company’s needs. Learn more about how to effectively engage with your customers and what each app in Customer Engagement entails here. 

Subscription Support from Stoneridge 

A Microsoft Dynamics Support Plan from Stoneridge helps you and your team stay on track and successful. Here at Stoneridge we know and value software that works as it should when it should. We also value stable and predictable service and pricing. That is why we offer a subscription-based support plan for our clients on Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. With a Stoneridge Subscription Support plan, you will have a designated support consultant. This means the consultant serving your account will be familiar with your system and goals as a company. These factors alone will ensure you get the best service every time with no unexpected bills or charges. Read more on the Benefits of Subscription Software Support here. 

Curious about what Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement can do for you and your company’s goals? Reach out to us today to learn more about predictable monthly pricing, module functions, support plans, and much more.  


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