Working with Product Variants, Product Masters in Dynamics AX

By Tom Branca | July 22, 2013

Have you ever created a Product Master that uses Product Dimensions (Size, Color, Configuration or Style) and created the variant combinations right from the product master?  Well I have, as seen in figure1.

No New Variant Suggestions For Product ##### Were Found


The next step is to release the product and it's combinations into a company.  I released my combinations into company USPI.  Once I go to that company I see the product, and if I go to the Release Product Variant button on the product I even see the product dimensions.  The problem occurs when you go to the Release Product Variants button, you won't see any of the combinations you released as seen in figure2.

Released product Variants


If you try to manually add variant combinations you'll get the error:  Product variant with specified dimensions has already been created.

If you try to use the Variant Suggestions button you'll get the message:  No new variant suggestions for product ### were found.

What's the problem here???

This is probably a bug.... But you're in luck! I debugged it and found you a workaround!!

Long story short, if you don't have a specific Retail module number sequence setup (I'm not going to tell you which one yet) a record in the InventDimCombination table never gets created, and the code that is run to search for variant combinations will never find anything.  The reason the code thinks the combinations are there however, and the reason you get the warnings/errors when you try to create the combinations is it looks at different tables for validating if the records are there and those records are present.

Answer:   If you navigate to:  Retails > Setup > Parameters > Retails Parameters > Number Sequence tab, you'll see a reference called:  Variant Number.  This reference needs to be populated with a Number Sequence Code.  If not, you'll run into my problem outlined above.

In the AOT\Tables\InventDimCombination.insert() on line 55 it does a check to see if you have the Variant Number, number sequence populated and if you don't, it pushes the process down the wrong path resulting in the problem outlined above.  It looks like it should throw an error saying:  Variant Number Sequence is not set but that error is suppressed leaving you in limbo, thinking the process worked fine.

I hope this posting saves someone some time in the near future.  I was working on AX 2012 R2:


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