Posture and How We Carry Ourselves Through Life

By Maxwell Foss | August 1, 2019

“Sit up straight!” I’m sure we have all heard that before. Well, there is a reason that we have all heard that. Maintaining good posture has a plethora of benefits that you may not realize. Good posture affects your overall health by keeping your bones and joints in the correct alignment so your muscles are being used properly. So, how do you improve your posture? The first step to improving your posture is being aware of your posture.

Improving Your Posture

To improve your posture in the office, you need to know the correct way to sit. Here is an infographic that displays a seven step process to quickly improving your sitting posture.

Benefits of Good Posture

Due to the nature of our job, we are sitting at a desk most of the day. The average person who works in an office setting is sitting for roughly twelve hours per day. If you are sitting in your office chair with poor posture, that is twelve hours of putting extra unneeded stress on your joints and supporting muscles. It’s important to focus on having good posture in the office because it will impact our lives outside the office. There are a lot of benefits from practicing good posture and it doesn’t just involve your joints and muscles.

Below is a list of benefits from good posture that doesn't involve your joints:

  • Fewer headaches
  • Increased energy
  • Improved respiratory system
  • Better digestion
  • Increased core strength
  • Portrays confidence

In Office Posture Aids

Thankfully, we have our awesome ergonomic office chairs with great lumbar support. Click on the video below to learn how to properly set up your chair.

Another benefit we have provided to us is our stand/sit desks. If you find it difficult to sit with good posture all day, alternate between standing and sitting. Did you know that standing boosts your metabolism and reduces the risk of developing a cardiovascular disease? Here are some other benefits you get from standing!

Stretching at Your Desk

Because we spend most of our day in the office sitting, it’s important for us to get up, move around, and stretch. We need to keep our blood circulating during the work day. One easy way to do this is by stretching. Try these stretches at your desk to help ease pain associated with sitting for long periods of time.

A recent study showed that stretching programs in the workplace improve range of motion, posture, and provided stress relief. Try getting in a couple minutes of stretching every hour to improve your posture.

Tips for safe stretching:

  1. Hold a sustained stretch for 10-30 seconds – Don't bounce when stretching. Overstretching causes muscles to contract and can cause small tears in fibers.
  2. Only stretch to the point of mild discomfort – Once your muscle feels comfortable, increase the stretch then hold it again. If it hurts, you're pushing too hard.
  3. Breath Normally – Don't try to hold your breath or perform special breathing exercises!
  4. Balance your routine – Work opposing muscle groups each time you stretch. If you start by stretching the muscles in the back of your thigh, then follow by stretching the muscles at the front.
  5. Include stretching in your daily routine - Gentle stretching can improve your circulation and a steady blood flow helps reduce muscle tension and soreness.
  6. Vary your routine - Prevent boredom by varying your stretching routine. Here are some ideas:

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