Production Order Backflushing Using a Warehouse Management Enabled Warehouse in Dynamics AX

By Ben Barber | September 11, 2017

There can be scenarios when you are using a Warehouse Management Enabled Warehouse and would like to backflush your raw materials for production. When using a Warehouse Management Enabled Warehouse, traditional raw material back flushing will not work.

Backflush Raw Material Using Warehouse Management

In the steps below I'll show the setup required to backflush raw material using Warehouse Management in Dynamics AX . For this scenario, I am using Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU12.

1. Warehouse Setup

  • Warehouse 51 is a Warehouse Management Enabled Warehouse.
  • Specify a default production input location and a default production finished goods location.
  • Location 002 is a non-license plate controlled location.
  • Location PRODRECV is a license plate controlled location.

Note: Default input location and default finished goods location can also be specified in the resource group.

Warehouse Setup in Dynamics AX

2. Work Template Setup

Create a work template for raw material picking. My work template is a simple pick and put work transaction set to automatically process.

Work Template setup in Dynamics AX

3. Location Directive Setup

Create a location directive for Raw Material Picking.

  • Pick location directive is set to pick from a non-license plate controlled production stage location.
  • Put location directive is set to put inventory into location 002, which is my default production input location and is specified on the warehouse.

Location Directive setup in Dynamics AX

4. Production Wave Template Setup

A wave template is created for Warehouse 51. Wave is set to automate wave creation, process wave at release to warehouse, and automate wave release.

Production Wave Template Setup in Dynamics AX

5. Production Order

I created a Production Order for 20 units of L0101.

Note: Production orders parameters are set to reserve inventory at estimation.

Production order is estimated and inventory is automatically reserved.

Create a production order in Dynamics AX

6. Production Order Release

When the production order is released, AX automatically creates the wave, processes the wave, creates work and completes the work.

Production order release in Dynamics AX

Below is the completed work transactions. My raw materials were picked from the non-license plate controlled ProdStage location and put to the default input location 002.

Completed work transactions in Dynamics AX

7. Report as finished

Note: Raw Materials are set to backflush at Finish.
Note: Report as finished picking list journal is set to flushing principle.

Report as finished in Dynamics AX

When the report as finished journal is posted, a picking list is created and posted. Inventory is consumed out of the default issue location 002.

Picking list in Dynamics AX

The report as finished posting also has created finished goods put away work. The pick transaction is from the default production finished goods location specified on the warehouse.

Pick transaction in Dynamics AX

This is a great solution for raw materials that you do not want workers physically performing production raw material picking work.

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