Innovating Patient and Physician Services: Digital Revolution with Dynamics 365 Customer Service

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In an era where efficiency and data-driven decision-making are paramount, Stoneridge is proud to work with a leading innovator in the medical device industry to help them reshape their approach to patient and physician services, going from rudimentary tools to a cutting-edge Customer Service Workspace.

A pioneering force in the medical field, this client is renowned for their innovative approach to treating sleep apnea. Their primary customer base includes patients suffering from sleep apnea to healthcare providers and medical facilities that specialize in sleep disorders. With a commitment to enhancing patients’ quality of life, our client collaborates closely with medical professionals to ensure effective treatments and support.

The service scope of this manufacturing and healthcare business extends from:

  • Device manufacturing
  • Patient support
  • Ongoing care and maintenance of implantable devices.

Due to the growth of their business and the dynamic technology landscape, our client stood at a crossroads. The challenge was not just about managing growing call volumes but transforming their Patient and Physician Services from a reactive, manual operation into a proactive, data-driven organization. This case study unveils how Stoneridge partnered with the client to leverage Dynamics 365 Customer Service Workspace to revolutionize service operations, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Overcoming Inefficiencies and Service Bottlenecks

In the quest for efficiency, the team recognized substantial bottlenecks within the Patient and Physician Services operations. To propel their commitment to customer-centricity forward, the team identified key pain points and embarked on a transformative journey to revolutionize their service infrastructure.

1. Inefficiencies in Call and Email Management

  • Reliance on a basic Excel spreadsheet for call logging, causing inefficiencies and errors.
  • Manual entry requirements for caller details, call notes, and actions taken notes became impractical with a growing team.
  • Challenges in email management using three shared Outlook mailboxes, leading to tracking and assignment issues, accountability problems, and response inefficiencies.
  • Complex manual processes further compounded the challenges, including tagging team members for email assignments and using static email templates from a shared drive.
  • Lack of a standardized process for recording and tracking follow-up tasks resulted in inefficiencies and potential oversights.

2. Disconnected Systems and Lack of Automation

  • Utilization of disparate systems including Microsoft Teams, shared Outlook mailboxes, Excel, and various internal software for different aspects of customer service.
  • Lack of a centralized platform led to time-consuming and unreliable information retrieval, especially in searching for previous interactions with a caller.
  • Absence of automation in recording customer interactions, routing escalated cases, and follow-up actions, making the process resource-intensive and error-prone.
  • Requirement for team members to duplicate entries in multiple systems, hindering efficient management of customer interactions on a larger scale.

3. Limited Data Analytics and Reporting Capabilities

  • Inability to effectively track key metrics and gain insights into operations.
  • Hindered decision-making in critical areas such as staff forecasting and headcount projections.

Streamlining Operations: Enhancing Efficiency, Traceability, and Decision-Making

Together Stoneridge collaborated the client organization to implement Dynamics 365 Customer Service Workspace (CSW) to comprehensively address operational challenges. The solution provided a centralized platform for streamlined customer interaction management, significantly enhancing traceability and efficiency. Key features included:

  • Automatic Record Creation and Update Processes: Improved case management by reducing manual input and enhancing accuracy.
  • In-App Notifications: Ensured timely updates to case owners, fostering enhanced responsiveness and internal communication.
  • Interactive Dashboards, Smart Assist, Knowledge Article Search, and Agent Scripts: Improved service quality and case resolution by suggesting relevant information.
  • Process Automation for Jira Support Tickets and Email Management Customization: Optimized operational processes for greater efficiency.

Most significantly, CSW’s data analytics capabilities empowered detailed reporting and insights, facilitating informed business decisions. This transformation from an outdated, manual system to a modern, efficient, and data-driven approach not only enhanced operational efficiency but also provided a scalable solution for future growth and technological integrations.

A key resource from the client remarked, “Our team has come such a long way since the days of using Excel. The data analytics capabilities of CSW have also allowed me to pull data which has been used to drive business decisions in staff forecasting and headcount projections for the year. It is hard to quantify the time-savings that the adoption of CSW has provided to our team, namely because there was no way to track our metrics when we were using Excel.”

The Foundation: D365 Customer Service Workspace + Microsoft Technologies & Integrations 

At the heart of this transformation lay the Dynamics 365 Customer Workspace, a platform that redefined how our client managed customer interactions. This robust system replaced an antiquated Excel-based call-logging process with a dynamic, automated solution. But, this transformation was not just about individual applications or features; it was about orchestrating a symphony of technologies to achieve the following:

Automatic Record Creation: Game-changing automation seamlessly synced emails to D365, eliminating clutter and reducing response time.

In-App Notifications: Vital tool for real-time updates, fostering a culture of promptness and accountability.

Knowledge Articles Management: Pivotal migration streamlined knowledge sharing, enhancing customer interaction quality.

Jira Integration for Collaboration: Automated creation of Jira Support tickets improved collaboration between teams.

Organized Inbox and Productivity Pane: Efficient management of active cases and streamlined information access.

Agent Scripts and Caller Identification: Personalized service through detailed scripts and improved caller identification.

Teams Integration for Cohesive Collaboration: Strategic integration bridged internal communication gaps seamlessly.

Escalation and SLA Configurations: Clear guidelines for effective case management, ensuring quality and timeliness.

Enhanced Email Management: Consistent customization for efficiency in email correspondence. D365 Customer Voice Integration: Crucial addition for capturing customer feedback and valuable insights.

Copilot Features: Elevated customer service experience through streamlined access to critical data.

Results: Orchestrating Success with Cutting-Edge Solutions 

The implementation of the Dynamics 365 Customer Service Workspace dramatically improved the team’s efficiency, accountability, and data analytics capabilities. It enabled the team to handle a greater call volume, automate routine tasks, and make informed business decisions. In collaboration with Stoneridge Software, our client not only enhanced operational efficiency but also provided a scalable solution for future growth. This digital agility positions them at the forefront of innovative and efficient patient and physician services.

Technologies used: 

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service: The core platform for managing customer interactions.
  • Microsoft Teams: For seamless internal collaboration.
  • Power Platform and Power Automate: Enabled custom solutions and automated workflows.
  • Microsoft Dataverse: Provided a robust data storage solution.
  • Outlook Integration: For streamlined email management.
  • RingCentral NICE inContact: Enhanced call management capabilities.
  • Azure DevOps: For effective project management and software development.
  • D365 Copilot: For AI-driven insights and assistance.


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