Electronics Distributor Conquers Sales Process Gaps through Automation and Integration

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In a dynamic collaboration, an electronic components supplier, renowned for its reliability and innovation, joined forces with Stoneridge Software, a leader in technology solutions, to embark on a journey towards advanced integration. At the forefront of innovation, this electronics company is celebrated for its diverse range of electronic switches and its adherence to a wide variety in selection, great customer service and speed. This collaboration is bolstered by the electronics distributor’s global sales network, engineering expertise, and their combined dedication to excellence and customer-centric innovation.

Navigating Through Operational Complexities

Facing inherent challenges like manual follow-ups, disjointed processes, and spreadsheet dependencies, this distribution business proactively sought innovative solutions. The collaboration with Stoneridge became a turning point, aiming for a comprehensive integration solution. By choosing Stoneridge as a technology ally, the organization intended to fill the gaps in its sales processes, focusing primarily on merging its CRM and ERP systems –  Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain – to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Business challenges included:

  • Manual Follow-ups: Time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to inefficiencies.
  • Disjointed Processes: Lack of integration between various operational facets hindered smooth workflows.
  • Spreadsheet Dependencies: Reliance on spreadsheets for crucial data management was cumbersome.

Solution: The Road to Integration and Streamlined Operations

The solution envisioned and implemented by Stoneridge Software and the electronics supply business centered around streamlining business operations from lead generation to order fulfillment with a strategic initiative to integrate the company’s Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain systems.

Power Automate and Dual Write were the linchpins for seamless integration—the visionary transformation aimed to centralize all sales data for improved global demand forecasting and reporting.

Key components of the innovative solution included:

  • Dynamics 365 Sales – Centralized customer interactions and sales data to enhance lead management and customer service. Provided a platform for optimized Leads and Opportunity forms, introducing advanced features for better sales tracking.
  • Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain – integration with ERP enabled real-time financial insights and inventory management
  • Power Automate: Automated lead assignments by zip code and seamless product lead time data importation.
  • Dual Write: Synchronized pricing data, eliminating reliance on spreadsheets.
  • Optimized Forms: Enhanced Leads and Opportunity forms with new features like Minimum Quantity/Price Options.
  • POS Data Management Dashboard: Integrated within the Sales App for comprehensive sales history analysis.
  • Custom Plugin: Refined operations by calculating vital metrics directly within the Quote Product.

From Vision to Victory: Transformative Results in Reporting and Forecasting

Through the strategic alliance with Stoneridge, this distributor has significantly enhanced its operational framework, leading to remarkable outcomes. This partnership was instrumental in streamlining processes from the initial lead generation to the final order fulfillment.

  1. Streamlined Operations: Integration of CRM and ERP systems facilitated smoother workflows from lead generation to order fulfillment, eliminating manual follow-ups and disjointed processes.
  2. Enhanced Data Management: The move away from spreadsheet dependencies to integrated systems like Dynamics 365 enabled more efficient and error-free data management.
  3. Improved Reporting and Forecasting: The centralized system provided a unified view of sales data, significantly improving global demand forecasting and reporting capabilities.
  4. Operational Efficiency: Automated processes, such as lead assignments and product lead time data importation through Power Automate, increased operational efficiency and accuracy.

The concerted efforts of leaders at the distribution client have been pivotal in realizing a unified system that consolidates all sales data, facilitating improved reporting and global demand forecasting.

As a result, the organization not only continues to excel as a leading provider of electronic components but also stands as a frontrunner in embracing and implementing innovative solutions. This strategic partnership in embracing innovation underscores its enduring commitment to excellence, ensuring its continued leadership in the electronic components industry.

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