Scaling New Heights: Managing Rapid Growth with Power Platform and Dynamics 365

Scaling New Heights

To address the challenges of rapid expansion head-on, a North American company specializing in drilling equipment distribution embarked on a transformative technology journey with Microsoft Partner Stoneridge Software, aiming to overhaul their existing business systems to accommodate and foster future growth. They recognized the need for a unified, efficient software solution to replace their disjointed business processes. Stoneridge Software and the drilling equipment distributor used the Roadmap to architect a system that not only met the organization’s immediate needs but also set the stage for scalable growth. This partnership harnessed the capabilities of cutting-edge technologies, including the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 applications, to materialize their vision.

Business Challenges:

As the equipment distributor grew to become a leading distributor in the drilling equipment sector across the United States and Canada, they encountered several critical challenges that hindered their operational efficiency and growth potential:

Disjointed Business Processes:

  • Existing workflows were fragmented, leading to inefficiencies and delays in service delivery.
  • Lack of standardized procedures across sales, service, refurbishment, and training operations.

Unintegrated Systems:

  • Multiple standalone systems led to data silos, complicating the data-sharing and decision-making processes.
  • The absence of a unified system made it difficult to maintain a consistent and reliable operational workflow.

Insufficient Reporting Capabilities:

  • Limited access to real-time data and analytics hindered strategic decision-making.
  • The lack of comprehensive reporting tools made it challenging to track performance metrics and identify areas for improvement.

Recognizing these challenges during the Roadmap, Stoneridge proposed a holistic solution designed to streamline operations, enhance their service delivery, and provide a robust foundation for future growth.


Having built a trusted collaboration during the roadmap, working with Stoneridge on the implementation was a logical next step for the distributing expert. With a shared vision, a system was built that revolutionized their end-to-end sales process, from initial opportunities to final customer invoicing with:

Streamlined Sales Process:

  • Automations and Integrations: Key automations were implemented between quotes and work orders, coupled with seamless integrations between sales orders in Customer Engagement (CE) and Resource Planning Management (RPM) contracts in Business Central (BC). This synergy facilitated a more efficient and error-free sales process.
  • Custom Rig Configuration Page: A tailored rig configuration interface allowed sales representatives to design and quote drilling rigs to customers without altering critical data used by others. This innovation minimized conflicts and streamlined the quoting process, enabling the sales team to serve multiple customers more effectively.

Enhanced Service Department Capabilities:

  • Power Platform Utilization: The Service department experienced a significant upgrade with the integration of Power Platform technologies. This enabled the capture of previously inaccessible data for their helpdesk, optimizing service delivery.
  • Field Service Schedule Board: With the implementation of the Field Service Schedule Board, dispatching technicians became more efficient, ensuring timely and effective service responses.
  • Integrated Inventory Access: Service personnel gained integrated access to inventory and parts availability, directly linking warehouse data with service needs, thus improving response times and service quality.

Advanced Financial Reporting:

  • Comprehensive Financial Insights: Stoneridge delivered an advanced financial reporting system that provided a complete overview of the company’s financial health, linking back to originating opportunities. This allowed for a deeper understanding of financial performance and more informed strategic decision-making.

This holistic solution not only addressed the immediate operational challenges but also laid a foundation for scalable growth and continuous improvement. By leveraging advanced technologies and custom solutions, Stoneridge enabled them to optimize their sales and service operations, setting a new standard for efficiency and customer satisfaction in the drilling equipment industry.

Technologies Used

  • Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service and Field Service mobile
  • DocuSign integration with D365 CE
  • DataHaven (ISV) for document storage
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Azure Functions
  • Power Automate
  • Custom Pages in Dynamics 365 CRM


The partnership between the drilling equipment distributor and Stoneridge has led to remarkable outcomes, significantly enhancing their operational efficiency and scalability.

Achievements at a Glance:

  • Seamless Integration: 20 tables integrated between Dynamics 365 CE and BC via Azure Functions, facilitating smooth data flow.
  • Workflow Automation: Development of over 60 automated workflows, streamlining processes across various departments.
  • Sales Innovation: The new rig configurator simplifies the quoting process, with further automation planned in the next project phase.
  • Service Optimization: Service department processes have been streamlined, allowing for efficient case tracking, quoting, and work order management.
  • Financial Clarity: Improved data visibility and comprehensive financial reporting for the finance team, enhancing decision-making.

Impact and Future Outlook:

This project has transformed the drilling expert’s business systems into a cohesive, scalable framework, reducing the time from opportunity to invoice. The continued partnership with Stoneridge, with plans for further enhancements, underscores a commitment to ongoing improvement and growth.

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