Enhancing Blue World Pools’ Operational Efficiency with Dynamics 365 Field Service

Pool Installer D365 Field Service

In the realm of swimming pool construction, Blue World Pools has established itself as a leader, specializing in crafting both above-ground and in-ground pools. Already leveraging the power of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement – Sales, Blue World Pools sought to elevate its operational capabilities further. The company’s focus on customer service and operational efficiency in a high-volume scheduling environment led them to a crucial decision—to implement Dynamics 365 Field Service.

At the core of Blue World Pools’ business model is the personalized installation of home swimming pools, a process intricately tied to the effective scheduling of sales consultations. Recognizing the need for streamlined communication and efficient appointment management, Blue World Pools turned to Microsoft Partner Stoneridge Software to seamlessly integrate Dynamics 365 Field Service into their existing ecosystem.

The challenge was clear: enable the scheduling of sales reps, and implement a robust communication system via text messaging, all while ensuring a smooth transition that required minimal internal training.

Challenges in Data Management and Appointment Scheduling

While proficiently utilizing Dynamics 365 Sales for managing contacts and conducting credit checks, the company grappled with a disjointed system for scheduling, time constraints, and limitations of manual processes. Blue World Pools sought to eliminate these inefficiencies:

Disjointed Scheduling System Challenges:

  • Considerable time consumption
  • Notable increase in manual errors

Lead Generation and Scheduling Bottlenecks:

  • Substantial leads from Facebook and the website, need to capitalize on valuable resources
  • 40% of scheduled appointments required rescheduling due to process limitations

Manual Tracking Complexity:

  • Challenges with manual tracking of vacation and time off

Blue World Pools tapped Stoneridge Software not only to successfully implement Dynamics 365 Field Service but also to seamlessly integrate SMS messaging for field sales communication, all while minimizing disruptions to their existing workflow.

Unified Operational Hub: Dynamics 365 Field Service, Dynamics 365 Sales, Power Automate & Twilio

In response to Blue World Pools’ intricate challenges, Stoneridge implemented a comprehensive solution centered around Dynamics 365 Field Service. The outdated field service system solely dedicated to scheduling was replaced, bringing both sales and field service under one unified platform. This not only streamlined processes but also eliminated the need for cumbersome transitions between different systems, significantly reducing time-consuming errors.

Seamless Text Messaging Workflow

To address the critical communication gap, Stoneridge leveraged the power of Power Automate and Twilio SMS connector to facilitate seamless text messaging between the schedulers, the sales representatives, and the prospective clients. This innovative approach replaced the existing Zip Whip system, ensuring efficient communication and real-time updates on bookings.

Capture Leads & Initiate Scheduling

Examples of our tailored solutions include the implementation of Field Service with a unique Contact to Resource Requirement relationship. By customizing Dynamics 365 to initiate scheduling directly from the contact level, the need to navigate through work orders or sales order tables was eliminated. This not only simplified the process but also allowed Blue World Pools to continue capturing contacts seamlessly through Facebook ads.

Crucial Credit Checks

Stoneridge also incorporated Blue World Pools’ existing API for credit checks into the new implementation. This ensured a smooth transition without disrupting the company’s crucial credit-check workflows.

Geographical Schedule board

Additionally, the schedule board was meticulously built based on time zones, optimizing the management of appointments across different regions.

Integrations Provide Prompt Communication

A key highlight of our solution was the Power Automate integration using the Twilio connector. This enabled direct communication through text messages, empowering the sales team to receive booking details promptly. Prospective customers also benefited from timely notifications about the arrival of Blue World Pools’ representatives.

A Shared Client and Trusted Partnership

Blue World Pools was introduced to Stoneridge Software by Big Cloud Consultants, a designated Microsoft Modern Work Partner and a leading Cloud Service Provider. With deep industry connections, it was Big Cloud Consultants who identified Stoneridge as the ideal partner for Blue World Pools’ specific needs in Field Service implementation. Given the pivotal role Big Cloud Consultants played in orchestrating the collaboration between Blue World Pools and Stoneridge Software, it was determined everyone would work together to guarantee the success of the project for the long term.

Craig Zimmerman, Chief Operating Officer of Big Cloud Consultants, emphasized the collaborative approach, stating, “Our partnership with Stoneridge Software is a testament to our dedication to client success. We deliberately collaborate with partners who share our client-first philosophy. In projects that extend beyond our broad expertise, such as certain Microsoft Dynamics challenges, Stoneridge has proven to be an invaluable ally. Our relationship is built on mutual trust and the shared goal of exceeding client expectiations, demonstrating our unwavering committment to delivering top-tier solutions.”

A Vision Realized Through Expertise and Partnership

The success of the collaboration between Blue World Pools, Big Cloud Consulting, and Stoneridge speaks to the convergence of visionary goals and expert implementation. The first day of Blue World using the new D365 Field Service marked a record-breaking number of scheduled appointments, evidence that the shared vision of operational excellence was a reality.

Stoneridge’s product knowledge and skill in executing played a pivotal role in the project’s success. The adoption of the new system was not just efficient; it was a testament to Stoneridge’s ability to understand and integrate complex operational needs. The user-friendly design of the Field Service schedule board exemplified this understanding, making it significantly easier for Blue World Pools’ team to embrace change.

Technologies Used

  • Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Twilio
  • Power Automate


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