Fueling Growth: Innovative Response to Expanding Service Demands with Dynamics 365 CE for Customer Service

Fueling Growth

A prominent distributor and service provider in the diesel engine parts and components industry has entered into a strategic alliance with Stoneridge Software to implement Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) for Customer Service.

Serving an extensive network of dealers and repair shops across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, this industry leader has experienced significant growth, which in turn has led to an increased volume of service requests. This growth necessitated a robust solution to streamline service operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and maintain their position as a market leader. The adoption of Dynamics 365 CE for Customer Service marks a commitment to leveraging advanced technology for exceptional customer service.

Streamlining Service Operations Amidst Rapid Growth

Summary of Challenges:

  • Rapid Growth: Rapid expansion resulted in a significant increase in sales and, consequently, a higher volume of service requests. This growth put a strain on their existing service infrastructure.
  • Distinct Service Departments: The company operates two main service departments: Warranty and Customer Care, each with unique operational needs and customer interaction methods.
  • Legacy Systems: Prior to the Dynamics 365 CE implementation, the parts and service provider relied on a legacy website for warranty claims and Microsoft Outlook for customer care inquiries, leading to inefficiencies and security risks.
  • Need for a Unified Customer View: There was a pressing need for a centralized system to provide a comprehensive 360-degree view of customer interactions, encompassing both sales and service activities.

Goals of the Dynamics 365 CE Implementation

In partnership with Stoneridge Software, clear objectives were set forth to harness the capabilities of Dynamics 365 CE, aiming to redefine their customer service landscape and take advantage of new operational efficiencies.

Phase I – Warranty Process Integration:

  • Transition from a legacy, security-risk-prone warranty claim website to a more secure and efficient Dynamics 365 CE-based system
  • Implement Case functionality within Dynamics 365 CE for Customer Service to manage warranty claims
  • Deploy a Power Pages Portal for customers to submit and manage warranty claims, enhancing user experience and security

Phase II – Customer Care and Technical Support Integration:

  • Onboard the Customer Care and Technical Support team to Dynamics 365 CE for Customer Service, moving away from the fragmented email-based request management system
  • Utilize Dynamics 365 queues and record creation rules to streamline the process of managing service requests, converting emails into Case records for efficient resolution

Solution & Results: Crafting the Future of Service Excellence with Strategic Collaboration

In a collaborative effort to tackle the identified business challenges, a comprehensive solution was devised and implemented, utilizing Dynamics 365 CE. This initiative resulted in significant improvements in operational efficiency and customer service delivery.

Tailored Solutions for Warranty and Customer Care

  • Tailored Power Platform Apps: Separate Model Driven Apps were developed for the Warranty and Customer Care teams, each optimized with specific functionalities, views, and dashboards to enhance their processes
  • Introduction of Power Pages Portals: For the Warranty process, Power Pages Portals were utilized, starting with a Microsoft-provided customer service template to expedite the development of Warranty Claim Submissions and Knowledge Base access for customers

Enhanced Customer Interaction and Automation

  • Streamlined Email-to-Case Conversion: The Customer Care and Technical Support process incorporated Record Creation rules within Dynamics 365, allowing customer interactions via email to be seamlessly converted into manageable case records
  • Automation and Integration: New automation facilitated tasks like sending Claim Forms and deactivating incomplete requests, while integrating the Warranty Process with ERP systems streamlined part returns, and reduced manual entry

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Warranty Claim Security and Efficiency: The Warranty Claim portal was upgraded to a modern, secure platform using the Power Pages Portal, enhancing data protection
  • Claims Process Automation: Automated processes for claim forms and integration with ERP systems significantly reduced manual tasks and improved operational efficiency
  • Improved Case Management: The transition from email-based management to Dynamics 365 CE case records provided clarity and efficiency in handling customer requests
  • Enhanced Management Insights and Metrics: Management gained valuable insights into service rep performance, including workload, efficiency percentages, and average case resolution times, enabling better resource allocation and service improvement

These tailored solutions not only addressed the initial business challenges but also set a new standard for customer service excellence within the company.

Microsoft Technologies and Their Benefits

Dynamics 365 CE for Customer Service:

  • Foundation for Warranty and Customer Care:
    • Utilizes separate Model Driven Apps and menus for each department, enabling specialized functionality while maintaining inter-departmental visibility
    • Queues and Record Creation Rules for email requests from customers
  • Efficient Customer Interaction: Implements queues and Record Creation Rules for managing customer email requests, streamlining the process of tracking and responding to inquiries

Power Automate:

  • Automation and Integration: Facilitates numerous automations, from updating customer statuses to optimizing data input, and enables direct integration with their ERP system, eliminating the need for third-party integration tools and allowing for real-time, event-triggered integrations

Power Pages Portal:

  • Direct Customer Engagement: Provides a platform for customers to submit Warranty Claim requests directly, which simplifies data collection and case initiation in Dynamics 365 CE and offers straightforward management of web page content without needing web development expertise


  • Document Management: Leverages the native integration with Dynamics 365 CE to store documents, including images of defective parts uploaded by customers, directly associated with support cases or warranty claims

One of the biggest benefits was the flexibility of the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement solution. It allowed the Customer Care team, previously reliant on Microsoft Outlook for case management, to explore new functionalities, leading to enhanced insights into team capacities, efficiencies, and areas for improvement. This adaptability also highlighted additional training needs based on the types of requests handled by team members.

Results: Revolutionizing Customer Service: The Impact of Dynamics 365 CE

Enhanced Warranty Service:

  • The Warranty department now operates on a more secure and efficient platform, enriched with numerous automations and an ERP integration. This advancement has halved the time required to process claims, significantly improving customer satisfaction through expedited resolutions.

Insightful Customer Care:

  • The shift from Outlook to Dynamics 365 CE has equipped the Customer Care team with valuable insights previously unavailable, enabling a deeper understanding of request patterns and team performance. This newfound clarity assists in optimal staff allocation and identifying areas for team enhancement.

Unified Customer View:

  • Centralizing service operations within Dynamics 365 CE has afforded the entire company a comprehensive 360-degree view of customer activities. This unified perspective enhances cross-departmental collaboration and customer relationship management, fostering a more informed and responsive organizational culture.

Driven by a collaborative, forward-thinking vision and leveraging the expertise of Microsoft Partner Stoneridge Software, the integration of Dynamics 365 CE has revolutionized their Warranty and Customer Care operations. This collaboration has not only provided a secure and automation-enhanced platform but also significantly reduced claim processing times by nearly 50%, demonstrating a commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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