Replacing Dynamics GP and CINCH with Levridge – Considerations, Preparation, and Comparisons

By Becky Newell | December 2, 2020

Technology is moving faster than ever and in the agriculture industry, where profit margins are tight and there is little room for error, relying on a system that doesn’t meet today’s needs is no longer an option. Dynamics GP and CINCH users are steadily upgrading to Levridge, a modern, end-to-end solution for the agriculture industry. Built on the cloud, users have instant access to real-time information at any time and from any location. Additionally, Levridge removes the financial burden of infrastructure, IT resources, costly servers, and ongoing upgrades.

Considering an upgrade requires an initial look at your current systems and processes in order to plan and prepare.

Step 1: Evaluate Business Processes

  • Identify and evaluate current business processes
  • List all unmet business needs 

Step 2: Examine Functionality  

  • Analyze current code changes or customizations and rate the success of each 
  • Compile a list of all customizations and rate the effort to update each one 
  • Compared required functionality between GP and CINCH v. Levridge 
  • Identify any current ISV solutions 
  • Identify future business needs 

Step 3: Analyze Data 

  • Evaluate data integrity within GP and CINCH 
  • Determine the importance of historical information
  • Plan data cleanup process 
  • Determine a strategy for master data management 

Once you have this information in place you can begin phase two, which includes: 

  • Determining your business drivers for upgrading 
  • Establishing success criteria 
  • Building your project team 
  • Assembling any pre-existing documentation 

Listen as Becky Newell, Levridge President talks through this preparation stage and each area of consideration.

Replacing Dynamics GP and CINCH – How to Prepare and Plan for an Upgrade

Once you’ve really considered your current situation and decided that a move away from Dynamics GP and CINCH may be in your best interest, it’s time to really dive into Levridge and what it can provide your organization.  

Technology differences 

  • Cloud-based with anywhere, anytime access 
  • No hardware or backups needed 
  • Always on the latest version with 2 major releases (no charge to you) each year  

Subscription-based pricing 

  • Pay as you go with no annual enhancement fees 
  • Pay only for the users that you have at any given time 

Pricing Comparison 

  • Levridge is approximately the same cost as Dynamics GP and CINCH and offers much more functionality for the modern ag company 
  • In cloud-based systems, there are no major upgrades to pay for 

Industry Knowledge 

  • When you choose Levridge, you work with agriculture industry experts who understand your business needs 
  • Stoneridge has an experienced Dynamics GP team that currently supports over 200 different businesses. This experience ensures you are supported on Dynamics GP and through your transition to Levridge.  

Listen as Becky talks through the reasons why so many agriculture businesses are choosing Levridge.

While Dynamics GP and CINCH have provided a long-standing solution for the agriculture industry, the investment and development of both solutions is dwindling and customers are facing a lack of support and modern features. Levridge offers a full suite of features and functionality that agriculture businesses rely on to meet their specific industry needs.

Agronomy: Strengthening the grower relationship through field mapping and planning, field contracts, advanced licensing and certification, dispatch and blending.  

Commodity Accounting: Understand real-time financial information including futures and options, risk management, commodity contracts, settling and invoices, mark to market, and real-time DPR long/short.  

Ag Sales: The ag industry has unique challenges that are addressed within Levridge. With split billing you can define splits, collect data, and use grower confirmation to maintain accuracy. Additionally, you can manage prepayments and track and make adjustments based on usage. Additionally, you can easily and automatically calculate volume discounts, apply debates and update pricing information.  

Commodity Processing: Levridge handles the entire process of commodity receiving, including inbound scale tickets and delivery, to tracking delivery quantities. Additionally you can price contracts, calculate quality discounts and process charges and fees.  

Scale:  The Levridge scale has the fastest speed on the market and is built with real-time synchronization so ticket information is available immediately. The scale is NTWP certified.  

Equity and Patronage: Levridge allows you to manage your equity and stock allocations within a single solution. Track equity from the build-up to current balance to payout is all handled in the solution along with equity revolvement and patronage reporting.  

Listen as Keith Bangasser, Senior Grain Business Analyst for Levridge, discusses the similarities and differences in functionality between Levridge and CINCH.

There are many things to consider when moving to a new ERP solution. The ag team at Stoneridge Software is not only well-versed in Levridge and the specific needs of the agriculture industry, but they also have a strong background in both Dynamics GP and CINCH. What does this mean for you? As you’re planning for the future of your business, the team at Stoneridge can offer expert support both now and as you move to Levridge.  

Ready to learn more about moving to Levridge from CINCH? Contact our agriculture software experts.  

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