SSAS Reports and the Cubes that Source the Data

by | Updated August 15, 2016 | Dynamics AX

I have run into some SSAS reports but I have never been able to find a full list of them anywhere. I thought it would also be nice to know which cubes source data to these reports. I ran into a situation where cube data needed to be reloaded. After reloading the cube, we still weren’t seeing the updated data in the report.  It turned out that the SSAS report had queries that used another cube so that cube also needed to be reloaded with the new data.  Because of this, I thought it would be good to build up a list of the SSAS reports with their cubes.

To find which reports were SSAS I went to the DynamicsAXOLAP datasource (SSRS Reports – Report Datasources) and ran the cross references for it.  You can do this by right-clicking on the object and selecting Add-Ins – Cross References – Used by. The prerequisite is that you need to have updated the cross references. Below is a list of SSAS reports and the cubes that source data for them. I used Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU9 to get this info.


SSRS Report Name Cube
AccountantInvestmentAnalysis General Ledger Cube
Accounts Payable Cube
AccountantLongTermSolvency General Ledger Cube
Accounts Payable Cube
AccountantOperationalEfficiency General Ledger Cube
Accounts Payable Cube
AccountantProfitabilityAnalysis General Ledger Cube
AccountantShortTermSolvency General Ledger Cube
AccountingManagerInvestmentAnalysis General Ledger Cube
AccountingManagerLongTermSolvency General Ledger Cube
AccountingManagerOperationalEfficiency General Ledger Cube
AccountingManagerProfitabilityAnalysis General Ledger Cube
AccountingManagerShortTermSolvency General Ledger Cube
CFOInvestmentAnalysis General Ledger Cube
CFOLongTermSolvency General Ledger Cube
CFOOperationalEfficiency General Ledger Cube
CFOProfitabilityAnalysis General Ledger Cube
CFOShortTermSolvency General Ledger Cube
ControllerInvestmentAnalysis General Ledger Cube
ControllerLongTermSolvency General Ledger Cube
ControllerOperationalEfficiency General Ledger Cube
ControllerProfitabilityAnalysis General Ledger Cube
ControllerShortTermSolvency General Ledger Cube
CreditAndCollectionOperationalEfficiency General Ledger Cube
Accounts Payable Cube
CustExpectedCashNextXDays Accounts Receivable Cube
CustReceivablePeriodDetailReport Accounts Receivable Cube
General Ledger Cube
CustReceivableClassificationPeriodWebpart Accounts Receivable Cube
CustSalesPastPeriodChart General Ledger Cube
Accounts Payable Cube
CustTopCustomersbyYTDSales Accounts Receivable Cube
EMSEnergyConsumption Environmental Sustainability Cube
EMSEnergyConsumptionDetail Environmental Sustainability Cube
EMSEnergyCost Environmental Sustainability Cube
EMSEnergyCostGraph Environmental Sustainability Cube
EMSGreenhouseGasEmissions Environmental Sustainability Cube
EMSGreenhouseGasEmissionsByProcess Environmental Sustainability Cube
LedgerCashInflowvsCashOutflow General Ledger Cube
LedgerControllerActivityAnalysis General Ledger Cube
LedgerControllerRatios General Ledger Cube
LedgerGrossProfitinthePastXPeriods General Ledger Cube
LedgerTotalAcctReceivablesPastXPeriods General Ledger Cube
LedgerTotalAcctsPayablePastXPeriod General Ledger Cube
LedgerTotalExpensesByPeriod General Ledger Cube
OutstandingDebtByPeriod General Ledger Cube
ProdBusinessOverviewWebpart Production Cube
ProdDefectRatioDetail Production Cube
ProdDefectRatioWebpart Production Cube
ProdEfficiencyDetail Production Cube
ProdLeadTimeDetail Production Cube
ProdOnTimeProdRateDetail Production Cube
ProdPlannedVsActualDetail Production Cube
ProdPlannedVsActualWebpart Production Cube
ProjKPI Project Accounting Cube
ProjTotalBudgetCost Project Accounting Cube
ProjTotalBudgetCostDetail Project Accounting Cube
ProjTotalBudgetCostProject Project Accounting Cube
ProjTotalBudgetCostProjectDetail Project Accounting Cube
ProjUtilizationEfficiency Project Accounting Cube
ProjUtilizationEfficiencyDetail Project Accounting Cube
RetailBottom10Products RetailCube
RetailGMROIIByCategory RetailCube
RetailGMROIIByProducts RetailCube
RetailSalesByCategoryByStore RetailCube
RetailSalesByHour RetailCube
RetailSalesByRetailCategory RetailCube
RetailSalesByRetailCategoryEP RetailCube
RetailSalesByStaff RetailCube
RetailSalesByStore RetailCube
RetailSalesByStoreRoleCenter RetailCube
RetailSalesByTerminal RetailCube
RetailSalesPerformanceByProduct RetailCube
RetailSalesPerformanceByProductEP RetailCube
RetailSalesRetailCategoryRoleCenter RetailCube
RetailSalesYearOverYear RetailCube
RetailStoreMetrics RetailCube
RetailTop10Products RetailCube
RetailTop10Stores RetailCube
RetailTrendByChannel RetailCube
RetailYoYByChannel RetailCube
SalesAnalysis Sales and Marketing cube
SalesVsTarget Sales and Marketing cube
smmCampaignMonthDetails Sales and Marketing cube
smmLeadsAnalysis Sales and Marketing cube
smmNewLeadsTrend Sales and Marketing cube
smmPipelineAnalysis Sales and Marketing cube
smmPipelineByProcessStage Sales and Marketing cube
smmPipelineMonthOverMonthClosingTrend Sales and Marketing cube
smmPipelineWinAnalysis Sales and Marketing cube
smmSalesDetails Sales and Marketing cube
TreasurerAssetAnalysis General Ledger Cube
Accounts Payable Cube
TreasurerLiabilitiesAnalysis General Ledger Cube
Accounts Payable Cube
TS_DeliveryPerformanceDetail SalesCube
TS_DeliveryPerformanceWebpart SalesCube
TS_InvoicedPurchaseAmountDetail PurchaseCube
TS_InvoicedPurchaseAmountWebpart PurchaseCube
TS_NetsalesVsCOGSDetail SalesCube
TS_NetsalesVsCOGSWebpart SalesCube
TS_PercentVendorsInvoicedAmountDetail PurchaseCube
TS_PercentVendorsInvoicedAmountWebpart PurchaseCube
TS_PurchaseReturnsDetail PurchaseCube
TS_PurchaseReturnsWebPart PurchaseCube
TS_SIFOTDetailed SalesCube
TS_SIFOTDetailedPerProduct SalesCube
TS_TopTenReturnedItemsWebPart PurchaseCube
TS_TopTenVendHighReturnsRateWebpart PurchaseCube
TS_TopTenVendorInvoicedAmount PurchaseCube
TS_VendorPerformanceByProduct PurchaseCube
TS_VendorPerformanceDetail PurchaseCube
TS_VendorPerformanceTimeDetail PurchaseCube
TS_VendorPerformanceTimeWebpart PurchaseCube
VendPurchasePastXPeriods Accounts Payable Cube
VendSpendCategory PurchaseCube
VendSpendCategoryDiversity PurchaseCube
VendSpendCategoryInvoice PurchaseCube
VendSpendCategoryYears PurchaseCube
VendSpendDiversity PurchaseCube
VendSpendLocation PurchaseCube
VendSpendOptimization PurchaseCube
VendSpendReviewByCategory PurchaseCube
VendSpendReviewByCompany PurchaseCube
VendSpendReviewByInvoiceType PurchaseCube
VendSpendReviewByTopVendor PurchaseCube
VendSpendReviewByVendorType PurchaseCube
VendSpendTopInvoice PurchaseCube
VendSpendVendorLE PurchaseCube
VendTopXVendorsByYTDPurchases Accounts Payable Cube
General Ledger Cube
WorkflowAutomationReport Workflow Cube
WorkflowElementsAutomationReport Workflow Cube
WorkflowElementsPerformanceReport Workflow Cube
WorkflowParticipantPerformanceReport Workflow Cube
WorkflowPerformanceReport Workflow Cube
YearToYearExpensesByPeriod General Ledger Cube

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