Stoneridge Software Charitable Giving 2021 Recap

By Meredith Festler | January 14, 2022

Charitable Giving 2021

Stoneridge Software continues to give back to the community with our corporate donations to charitable causes and our employee Pay-It-Forward charitable program. Based on the passions of our team we’ve contributed more than $12,000 to nearly 60 organizations during 2021. This program gives our team members the opportunity to provide a cause, organization, or charity of their choice with a $100 donation.

An additional $15,000 in corporate donations were made to Code Savy, National Center for Women & Information, Tech 4 Kids, Tornado Relief, and UCodeGirl. Learn more below about some of these awesome causes!

Code Savy

Code Savvy creates and expands opportunities for young people to explore programming and creative problem solving -- vital, powerful skills for all children. a friendly, free environment for kids coding.

National Center for Women & Information Technology

National-based with local chapters and programs., they have been involved with Aspirations for Women in Computing in the Minneapolis area.  “The farthest-reaching network of change leaders focused on advancing innovation by correcting underrepresentation in computing.”

Tech 4 Kids

Tech4Kids is a non-profit organization providing the necessary software and technological tools needed to support a remote academic learning environment for kids to succeed. Tech4Kids also will mentor children in aspects such as computer use, troubleshooting and skills to ensure that internet safety is a priority.

Tornado Relief Fund

Organized by one of our own! Stoneridge employee Matt Sharp and his wife started this fund for their community that was hit by the horrible disaster in Kentucky.


Fargo-based, have been involved in past programs and served as mentors. uCodeGirl strives to bridge the gender gap in technology so that young girls can confidently pursue 21st century opportunities.

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