Three Ways Your Field Service Company Can Save Money

By Rob Wagner | March 7, 2018

When you need to find a way to maximize your field service company's profits and control costs, you generally look at your expense sheet. Where is your money going? Can you reduce expenses? In what areas can you tighten spending to increase your profits?

But what do you do when you think you have eliminated every possible cost?

These days, staying competitive is about more than cutting costs. It’s about streamlining your processes to work smarter and maximize your employees and resources. That means taking a hard look at your current system and identifying inefficiencies. After working with many clients over the years, we have identified the top three ways your field service company can save money.

  1. Dive into your business office procedures.

If you’re still relying on spreadsheets or multiple software systems to manage your clients, jobs, scheduling, and finances, chances are you’re wasting valuable time with manual entry, data exporting and importing, and searching for information. By streamlining your software into one system, you can reduce overhead hours dramatically.

In fact, Laneys, an HVAC company in Fargo, North Dakota, increased their sales by over 50 without adding any additional accounting or office staff thanks to a streamlined software system that connected their field service employees with the office.

  1. Take a look at your scheduling process.

As a field service company, you could go days or even weeks without seeing your technicians in the office, which, in the past, made scheduling difficult. With graphical schedule board, you can easily schedule your technicians for jobs as they are booked and when emergency calls come in, you can add or remove jobs from a tech’s schedule. No matter where your techs are, they can view their real-time schedule and know exactly what projects they need to be working on.

  1. Gain a real understanding of what each job actually costs.

If you don’t know exactly how much a job will cost you to complete when you bid, how do you ensure that your bid is both competitive and profitable? With a job cost system, you can track and project what a job will cost you from the materials, the labor, to the associated overhead. This will give you the ability to give a better estimate for your clients and your bottom line.

Field Service Save Money

When you’re ready to dive into your systems and processes, call on the professionals at Stoneridge Software. We specialize in working with field service companies to get to know their processes and identify areas to streamline through advanced software and technology. They will guide you and suggest a software solution that will fit your needs (and budget) now and in the future.

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