Time to Rewire: How to Thrive in the New Era of AI for Business

By Eric Newell | May 31, 2024

As we watch the ever-evolving advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) unfold, it's imperative to grasp the tangible opportunities they present for your business today.

The use of generative AI, epitomized by OpenAI's ChatGPT and its counterparts, has catapulted us into uncharted territories of business opportunity. From revolutionizing customer service through chatbots and virtual agents to streamlining content generation across various platforms, and integrating automated AI-powered machines, the potential for AI-driven innovation knows no bounds.

ChatGPT's unprecedented journey from zero to 100 million users in a mere two months after its launch is a testament to the profound impact of AI on user engagement and adoption. Microsoft, recognizing the immense promise in this technology, is doubling down with its iteration, Copilot, leveraging the same engine as ChatGPT.

I strongly encourage you to also explore the possibilities and envision new pathways for unprecedented growth through leveraging AI in your organization.

In this blog, I'll dive into a fresh perspective on fostering growth, explore the foundational principles of the Flywheel model, and outline essential steps to begin to integrate AI, thus unlocking its full potential within your organization.

A Shift in Growth Perspective on AI for Business

Traditionally, incremental growth has long been the norm. But I want to introduce you to a concept that challenges this notion and inspires businesses to reevaluate their approach: '10X is easier than 2X.'

Recently, I delved into the insightful book '10x is Easier Than 2x' by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy, which caused a profound shift in mindset—an inflection point perfectly aligned with the flourishing world of AI.

At its core, the 2X strategy entails incremental advancements, striving to double revenue by refining existing practices. While optimization is commendable, the 10X methodology dares to envision a leap, not just a step forward. It prompts introspection on two main fronts:

  • Are we leveraging our strengths to their fullest potential?
  • Are we aligning with market needs efficiently?

Embracing a 10X mindset invites businesses to reimagine their operations, leveraging AI's capabilities to transcend traditional boundaries. It's about strategic reinvention—exploring novel avenues in distribution, marketing, and beyond, fueled by the transformative power of AI. So, as you ponder the future of your business, I urge you to consider the possibilities of 10X thinking.

The Flywheel Effect and Its Impact on AI for Business

You might be asking, 'OK, so where do we start? How do we make this 10x leap?' Well, let me introduce you to the concept of the Flywheel Effect. Imagine a mechanical flywheel, like the one you'd find on a rowing machine. Initially, it takes a significant effort to set it in motion, but once it starts spinning, its momentum builds, and it becomes increasingly easier to keep it going. Now, when you apply this term in business terms, the Flywheel Effect occurs when small wins accumulate over time, creating a feedback loop that propels growth.

Each success builds upon the last, leading to a cascade of positive outcomes. It's the idea that one thing leads to another, which in turn enhances the initial success, making subsequent achievements even more effortless. So, as these wins continue to build upon each other, your business seems to grow with greater ease.

Here are two examples that demonstrate the power of the Flywheel Effect:


Amazon's success embodies the Flywheel Effect in action. In the 1990s, they recognized the pivotal role of selection in e-commerce. Initially a bookstore, Amazon expanded its offerings to become a one-stop-shop, enhancing customer experience. This, coupled with streamlined payment processes, boosted traffic. More activity attracted more sellers, enriching selection further. Concurrently, Amazon optimized its cost structure, enabling lower prices without compromising quality.

This virtuous cycle of increased selection, better prices, and superior service fueled Amazon's exponential growth. Today, Amazon's dominance stems from its initial focus on selection, illustrating how interconnected strengths propel sustained success.

AI for Business Amazong Flywheel

Stoneridge Software:

At Stoneridge Software, our journey also reflects the Flywheel Effect in motion. Founded with a vision to redefine client service, we prioritize attracting top talent as our cornerstone. Recognizing the paramount importance of people, we cultivated a culture that values expertise and client interaction. This emphasis on attracting and retaining the best laid the foundation for our success. With the right team in place, we turned to crafting a compelling vision and fostering a culture of empowerment, echoing the successful practices from past experiences. This, coupled with a robust implementation methodology honed through training and refinement, allowed us to deliver on our promises consistently.

Targeting specific industries further solidified our position, enabling us to deepen client relationships and streamline operations. By prioritizing client satisfaction and leveraging best-in-class tools, we continue to attract top talent, perpetuating our growth and reinforcing our commitment to excellence. At Stoneridge, our Flywheel is fueled by a relentless focus on people and quality, propelling us forward as a trusted partner in client success.

AI for Business Stoneridge Flywheel

Think About Your Company's Flywheel

To determine your company's Flywheel, begin by identifying your foundational differentiator—the key aspect that sets you apart in your industry. Whether it's exceptional selection, ease of collaboration, local expertise, product quality, affordability, or another unique strength, pinpointing this core element is crucial. Next, consider how this differentiator influences other aspects of your business, creating a cycle of momentum.

You can tailor the steps of your Flywheel to suit your company's specific context, but the overarching goal remains the same: to amplify and enhance what matters most to your business. As you contemplate your Flywheel, consider how AI can support your journey into the future, potentially enabling a 10x leap in innovation and efficiency.

AI for Business Flywheel example

Six Essential Steps to Integrate AI for Business

Embarking on the journey to adopt AI for your business entails several key steps to ensure a smooth and effective integration. Here's a concise breakdown:

  1. Understand what generative AI can do: Begin by familiarizing yourself with the capabilities of generative AI. Delve into online resources, such as videos and articles, to grasp the basics and determine if your desired objectives align with what's feasible.
  2. Know the risks and opportunities: Explore the risks and opportunities associated with AI adoption. Educate yourself on potential pitfalls like security concerns and deep fakes. Simultaneously, be sure to identify the transformative possibilities for enhancing efficiency within your operations.
  3. Try it out: Use tools like Copilot, included in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 subscription, to experiment with AI in a practical setting. Start small by involving a few team members and observe firsthand how AI can benefit your business processes.
  4. Determine your best use cases: Once you are familiar with AI, identify the most promising use cases specific to your organization. Consider how AI can add unique value and efficiency to your operations, and begin outlining these use cases for future reference.
  5. Develop your business transformation plan: With a clear understanding of your use cases, devise a comprehensive business transformation plan. Align AI initiatives with your organizational goals and strategize how to leverage AI to achieve a 10x improvement in various aspects of your business.
  6. Move your infrastructure to the cloud and prepare your data: Ensure that your infrastructure is cloud-ready and that your data is clean and accessible. Transitioning to the cloud enables AI systems to access and analyze data effectively, paving the way for more accurate insights and predictions. Prioritize migrating to the cloud if you haven't already, as it's essential for maximizing the potential of AI in your business operations.

The Bottom Line on AI for Business

In the long-term journey of your business, AI serves as a potent ally, amplifying your strengths and driving efficiencies. By harnessing AI capabilities today, you can elevate your existing strengths, whether through faster communication, insightful data analysis, or streamlined processes. Not only that, but AI empowers you to cultivate efficiencies across various facets of your operations, from internal content creation to customer service. These efficiencies liberate your resources, enabling you to focus on what truly sets your business apart and fosters transformational growth.

Take time to reimagine your business and invite AI to become a strategic partner in propelling your long-term success, unlocking new possibilities and unparalleled growth.

Want to Learn More About AI for Business?

For more information on how AI can leverage growth in your business and to explore the possibilities further, reach out to Stoneridge Software.

Our team is dedicated to assisting you in navigating the transformative potential of AI within your organization. Whether you're seeking guidance on integrating AI technologies, identifying tailored solutions, or strategizing for long-term success, we're here to help.

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