Understanding Quality Updates for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain

By Scott Wright | June 4, 2021

Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain provides ongoing incremental quality updates to address any minor issues or bugs in the most recent version of the software. Lifecycle Services project users with the proper role have the ability to log into Lifecycle Services and easily view the build number of the software version you’re currently using and the build number of the latest updated version.  

Because the Quality Updates are minor updates, there is a reduced chance that any issues will occur in your system due to the update.  

Note that in order to apply a Quality Update all environments need to be on the same build.  

understanding quality updates d365 finance supply chain

When Should You Apply a Quality Update?

There are two scenarios where it makes the most sense to apply a Quality Update.

1. When you’re experiencing any issues in your environment.

Minor issues or bugs may arise that cause your environment not to function as it should. These are typically reported to Microsoft as soon as they’re discovered and Microsoft then issues a Quality Update to provide a resolution. Apply the quality update and check if your issue is resolved. If it isn’t resolved, reach out to Microsoft or Stoneridge.

2. When you’re applying a major version release

When you’re getting ready to save a new major version release to your asset library, do so through the quality update window so you receive the major release along with all quality updates that have occurred in between those larger releases.  

This is a scenario one of our clients has experienced lately. A large restaurant franchise applied a Quality Update to their environment. They then applied a more recent major release. The release did not include the prior Quality Updates so they needed to reapply those.  

If you have questions or would like assistance with Quality Updates we'd love to help. If you are a client please reach out through our support portal, if you are interested in learning how we could help your team, contact us here.

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