Using Technology to Boost Company Culture and Reinforce Values

By Mike Gast | December 9, 2021

Like fingerprints on a person, every company has a different culture. Culture influences engagement, retention, and even how much employees enjoy their work. However, not all companies intentionally try to influence and improve their culture despite how impactful it is on productivity. Below are quick considerations on how your company can use technology to influence culture.

Rise of remote opportunities

More and more workers are seeking remote opportunities. Remoteness can be a deciding factor when employees choose to select a different job instead of staying at their current one. Workers value flexibility because it shows employer trust and helps maintain a satisfactory life/work balance. Ask how you can bring more flexibility into your culture and if remote opportunities fit your line of work.

Keep your culture relevant and fresh to attract promising talent

As Gen Z enters the workforce, the question becomes how to attract top talent from the next generation. Embracing technology is one way to do this. Stay intentional by keeping communication lines open and being open to change, even if it can be uncomfortable. Listen to new recruits and be willing to make changes based on their wishes.

Video calls

We have moved past the days of audio only calling. Video calls are a game changer in today's virtual world. This tool gives you the ability to actively engage with your team and clients. Video can be used to see nonverbal communication and emotions, which is useful to gage if what you’re saying is resonating with your audience. Plenty of companies have this technology but don’t use the video feature. Choosing to turn your camera on and looking at the people you’re talking to is part of company culture.

Focus on a Top Workplace culture

When you question why spending time on shaping company culture is important, focus on a Top Workplace culture as an outcome. Remember that strong company culture helps recruiting and retention efforts. Plus, the more trust your team has, the faster you can move as an organization.

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