Analyzing Organizational Competencies in Dynamics AX 2012

By Kristy Loeks | September 10, 2014

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 HCM functionality includes a robust feature set that allows comprehensive competency tracking and analysis. Competencies held by, and competency ratings assigned to workers, applicants and company contacts can be easily analyzed against competencies desired through the use of reports and inquiries. Configuration of competency tracking within Dynamics AX is very simple, and can be performed by HR end users, without assistance from IT support.


A search for workers, applicants and contacts that possess a desired set of competencies can be initiated with a few simple clicks. In the example below, a search was performed to identify workers, applicants or company contacts who are assigned the skill of ‘Budgeting.’ As you can see in the screenshot below, the search returned numerous workers who possess that particular skill, but no applicants or contacts. A comprehensive review of all competencies assigned to any of the people returned in the list can be easily performed by using the action pane buttons within the search return window.

Skill mapping

This simple search can be performed to search for any combination of education disciplines, skills, positions, previous employers, positions of trust held, certifications held, or internal project experience.


Microsoft Dynamics AX can also perform more comprehensive analysis, including degree of fit, of all people within an organization against a specific skill set requirement. In the example below, a skill set for ‘Sales associate analysis’ was defined to indicate the following requirements:

  • A Solutions selling certificate is optional, and is rated an importance level of 2 on a scale of 1 to 6, with 6 being the most important.
  • Skills ‘Customer focus’ and ‘Sales calls’ are optional, the target skill level is 3, and the skill is rated an importance level of 2.
  • Skill ‘Sales technique’ is required, and the target skill level is 4.
  • Skill ‘Sales close’ is required, and the target skill level is 3.
  • The preferred Education discipline is Communication, but it is optional and rated an importance level of 1.

In the example below, the execution of the search for the best fit across the organization for the ‘Sales associate analysis’ skills profile indicates only 1 individual in the organization is a fit for this particular skill set.

Skill number returned

There are numerous ways to view the results of the skill set search. A simple list includes identified individuals. The example below indicates the only fit identified is an applicant, Don Roessler, and that he received 71.43% of the maximum points available in the search.

Skill mapping results list

The skill mapping report is available for a comprehensive comparison of Don’s assigned competencies to those defined in the desired skill set. In the report example below, you can see that Don has a gap in the Customer focus skill, as indicated by the red in the Element column – while he possesses the skill, the target level is a 3, and his current level is a 2.

Skill mapping report

This skills mapping analysis can also be viewed graphically, as in the example below.

Skill results graph

For more information about how Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 HCM functionality can help your organization analyze your current and potential workforce, contact Stoneridge Software today.

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