Azure Support Services Available from Stoneridge

By Adrian Davis | May 20, 2021

Many current Dynamics users are opting to move their on-premises instance of Dynamics to Azure to eliminate expensive spend on updated servers and ongoing maintenance and security. Stoneridge has a variety of support services to ensure your Azure environment has the correct memory allocation, licensing, and is running at peak performance.  

A key benefit of hosting your Dynamics software on Azure is the ability to scale up and down based on your usage. For example, if there are certain times during the year you’re processing more transactions and require additional bandwidth, you can increase your Azure consumption and then can scale back down when your needs return to normal. This ensures you’re only paying for what you need when you need it.  

Learn more about the benefits of the cloud here. 

Run Your Azure System at Peak Performance

Once on Azure, the Stoneridge team can help ensure your system is running at peak performance. Services offered include:  

  • Health Check Monitoring 
    • Alerts you to any issues before you experience downtime 
  • Alert Monitoring 
    • Setups for alert rules to immediately learn when space is running low or is not performing to peak capabilities 
  • Compliance Policies for Audits, ISVs, and Disaster Recovery 
    • Eliminate the risk of data loss with Azure Resource Management templates that can rebuild any server within an hour alongside daily SQL backups 
  • Autoscaling v. Auto Shutdown 
    • Enable VM to scale down in non-business hours rather than completely shut down 
  • Whitelist IP Addresses 
    • Prevent cyber-attacks and ransomware by restricting access to admin approved applications 
  • SQL Server Backups and Purging  (as necessary) 
    • Routine data backups and purging as necessary 
  • Installation of Performance Diagnostics  
    • Avoid outages by monitoring resource levels 
  • Regular Refresh of Production 
  • Regular Refresh of VMs and Microsoft Patch/Update Monitoring 


To learn more about how Stoneridge can help support your Azure environment, reach out to the experts at Stoneridge Software.  

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