Barnesville Business Pitch Contest Finalists Announced

By Leah Baker | August 15, 2014

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Finalists have been announced in the first annual Barnesville Business Pitch Contest! Moving on the final round are: Infuse Solutions, SnapDocs, Booth,SparkYourStartUp DinnerTies and UServe. At 6:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 22, these business startups will make their pitch in front of a panel of judges and contest sponsors from Stoneridge Software, Dean's Bulk Service and Crown Appraisals. Each startup has five minutes to make their pitch, and judges will have four minutes to ask questions, then score each entrant. Presentations will be evaluated and cash prizes up to $1,000, along with mentoring hours will be awarded. Presentations will take place in the council chambers of Old City Hall in Barnesville, Minn. The public can help their favorite entry win a cash prize by voting online for a People's Choice Award! Voting is available through the Stoneridge Software Facebook page. Individuals are allowed to vote once per day through Aug. 22.

Barnesville Business Pitch Finalists:

INFUSE-Solutions-Logo-FINALInfuse Solutions, LLC. Provides innovative training in Emotional Intelligence and Problem Based Learning to encourage self-awareness and creative cultures. Our multi-level approach of facilitation fosters critical thinking and continuous personal improvement techniques which bring value to individuals, teams, and organizations. These tools improve relationship management, conflict resolution, and overall work experience. We believe when individuals are given these tools they will not only improve their immediate situation but also the environment of others around them. Our solutions; whether coaching, consulting, training or facilitating, creates and provides accelerated personal and professional development of people within your organization. Our unique areas of expertise deliver tailored programs to clients which maximize benefits in employee recruitment, retention, corporate climate, and customer service.

Snap Docs logoSnapdocs is a group of 5 middle-school students that created an original app concept that won a national competition. The app concept takes a picture of a typed document with a mobile device and turns it into an editable document on that device. Snapdocs will impact the local community in a new and unique way by reducing the amount of paper waste when the app turns paper documents into editable electronic files on a mobile device. It is a unique solution to the problem of converting hard copies to electronic editable files.

booth-logoNow more than ever, individuals can be reached any time, any where. This is both a blessing and a curse for today's small business owners. Becoming too available does not allow for a healthy work/life separation. Handing out your cell phone number to every prospect and contact you meet means they can call you whenever they want; whether you're at home sleeping or on vacation. Setting up an office phone is a solution; but an expensive and time-consuming one.  Booth cuts the cost by cutting the cord. Booth is a virtual phone solution that utilizes your existing cell phone to keep work right where you want it. With Booth, you receive a phone number to use for your company that routes calls directly to your cell phone; but on your terms. Booth utilizes geofencing to tell when your phone is in the office to trigger a location-based call rule. In combination with the ability to set any hour range you want, you are in complete control of when business calls. Not the other way around.

UServe2UServe is a mobile application that connects volunteers with organizations that need volunteers in their community. The current community service world is not using today’s technology. The service that UServe will provide will use today's technology by simplifying the process of volunteering into one easy to use app. Instead of tracking down an organization on your own or going through a third-party UServe will allow people to search opportunities on their own time AND schedule their appointments through the mobile app. Think of UServe as a service that compiles all the scattered information and resources you need to volunteer into an easy to use “one-stop-shop” mobile application.

DinnerTies.logoDinnerTies is a web-based company that is committed to connecting travelers with folks in the Fargo community for a dinner in their home. It's website allows those coming to Fargo to fill out a simple questionnaire online that notifies the DinnerTies team they are interested in attending a dinner. An available host is then contacted and arrangements for the group to share a meal, or a DinnerTie, in the host’s home are scheduled. Those wishing to become a DinnerTie host also complete a simple online questionnaire. In the spirit of building community, and sharing our most valuable resource with the world, DinnerTies invites the entire world to dine with folks from our community in Fargo, ND.

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