CEO Reflections on 2021

By Eric Newell | January 21, 2022

Welcome to 2022! Looking back on 2021, we're so thankful for all the support of our clients and community over the past year and we look forward to deepening our relationships in the future. We hope you  you're ready to focus on how to help your business win with technology in 2022. Below are a few reflections on the past year of business at Stoneridge Software.

Cloud Transformation Remains a Driver of Change and Growth

The year 2021 was certainly a unique. COVID-19 continued to impact the country and the ability to travel and get together with colleagues and clients in person. Stoneridge reopened our offices in June, but everyone had gotten pretty comfortable working from home, so a large portion of our team has remained working from home. We did travel to some client onsite meetings this year but given the uncertain nature of travel and restrictions the vast majority of our work was done remotely.

The pandemic has certainly been a force pushing digital transformation forward. It's pretty hard to work with pen and paper when each employee is working from home. With Zoom & Microsoft Teams meetings becoming so normal, companies have become more accustomed to the cloud and are starting to get serious about moving all their applications to the cloud to take advantage of the reliability, security and flexibility. We started seeing an increase in interest in cloud ERP and CRM systems in late 2020 and it's most definitely carried on in 2021. The ability to have an "evergreen" ERP or CRM system that doesn't need a major upgrade in the future is another very compelling reason to think about the cloud.

Helping Clients Win

Our mission at Stoneridge Software is to help clients win, which was realized many times this year through some exciting client projects. Our team strives to be impactful by leading with intentional teaching. We commit to teaching you as much as you want to learn and live up to that promise with daily interactions, moments of teaching, and doing the little but impactful things consistently.

As an example of helping clients win, we recently worked with a client who was new to Power Apps. Through the demonstration of Power App capabilities, the client immediately saw the potential at their business. Just two weeks later they had created a new app from the ground up to manage their operations. We are motivated by successes like this!

Having the opportunity to partner with clients on these projects has deepened our status as the most sought-after Microsoft Dynamics partner for joint ERP & CRM projects. If you'd like to see more of our success stories, check out our website here: Success Stories | Stoneridge Software.

Thoughtful Teaching and Educational Opportunities

Despite not being able to get together in person, we had a very successful Stoneridge Connect event this October which reached more clients and community than ever before. We continued our focus on developing an intentional community by hosting 228 webinars, reaching more than 500 videos on our YouTube channel, continuing our bi-weekly Confab sessions, and posting more than 110 blogs. We love sharing what we learned with our clients and the public so you can use that information to help you achieve your goals faster with Microsoft solutions.

Company Growth

Internally we celebrated a lot of growth in 2021 as we grew from 205 to 270 team members. Much of that growth was our effort to meet the demands coming from our growing client base but we also brought on 27 team members in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada when we acquired Prophet Business Group on November 1. This merger also brings in talent on the IT/Technology front with their managed services team joining Stoneridge.

Client Experience

With a focus on great client service, we continually look for ways to receive feedback to make sure we’re doing a good job and make improvements. One way we do this is through bi-annual relationship surveys and support case surveys. We take great pride in the scores we've been getting back from our clients. Our most recent net promoter score on client surveys was 62 and on surveys specifically on support cases the score was a whopping 80! As far as Net promoter scores go, that's an amazing number and I'm really proud of our team. If you're not familiar Net promoter scores range from –100 to 100. (If you're curious, learn more about net promoter scores here). We know support and client services is key to your long-term happiness with the product, so we staff our team with senior product experts to make sure you get the answers you need quickly.

With Gratitude

Looking back at 2021, above all I would like to thank all of you who trusted us with your core business software and every team member at Stoneridge Software who helped us achieve all these highlights in 2021. We take great pride and care to provide our clients with an unmatched experience and solutions that just work how you expect them to. I look forward to a very exciting 2022 and can't wait to help more clients win with Microsoft technologies.

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