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By Eric Newell | December 28, 2022

CEO Year end Reflections 2022

As the year winds to a close, I'd like to look back at highlights from 2022. It's been a challenging, yet positive year at Stoneridge Software and I hope you experienced success this year.

The macroeconomic environment has been challenging for several reasons:

  • The highest inflation we've seen in 40 years
  • Continuous supply chain challenges
  • Extremely tight labor market
  • Post-pandemic impacts on business operations

To survive in this market, everyone had to adapt. These last few years have taught me that the best companies are the ones making quick decisions and communicating frequently with their team. Companies with the right technology backbone and access to real-time data are able to be confident in the quick decisions they make.

2022 Technology Themes

Microsoft has long envisioned bringing ERP and CRM data together in one platform. Until now, the tools have made it challenging to see that vision through to success. That changed in 2022, as nearly every new project we've undertaken this year has been a combination of the back office and the front office. This has excited our clients about how the data is visible in both systems and can be aggregated to provide more comprehensive reporting.

These multi-workload projects can be phased into different parts, allowing clients to achieve results from their implementations more quickly than ever. We've partnered with clients to build digital transformation roadmaps that show them how to get to evergreen, cloud-hosted systems that provide for that interoperability across the business. With Microsoft's Dataverse and the tools around it, clients can really have it all - a robust system that can bring together all the data across the enterprise.

Stoneridge's Top Highlights from 2022

The biggest highlight this year was when Microsoft recognized us as the US Partner of the Year for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Our Business Central services have been building over the past few years and we've deployed process manufacturing and interconnected CRM to the point we've grown that business considerably. Microsoft recognized that growth and we couldn't be more proud.

Our CRM/Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement business has more than doubled this year, attracting an all-star crew of talent to Stoneridge's CRM/D365 CE team, which has helped us complete several exciting projects, combining Power Apps and the new portal solution (Power Pages) to give clients and their partner's mobile access to their core business data.

Stoneridge has seen a huge increase in interest in our Agriculture solution, Levridge, this year as well. The market is looking for a powerful, cloud-based solution to run Ag processors and retailers and there is finally a good solution on the market. The Leveridge product and Stoneridge delivery teams are well-equipped to set us up for future implementations to transform businesses running systems more than 20-year-old systems into modern enterprises with access to data at their fingertips.

2022 by the Numbers

Stoneridge Software celebrated 10 years in business this October and 10 years of consistent growth at Stoneridge. Some highlights include:

  • Growth to 310 expert resources to help our clients win
  • Served 875 clients in multiple ways such as roadmapping, change management, implementation, support, and more
  • Support survey scores averaging 9.53 out of 10 - equalling a net promoter score of over 80

Many clients have made the switch to Stoneridge for support and continue to build on that relationship to make the move to the cloud on Dynamics 365.

An enjoyable change this year was hosting more in-person events with our clients. Stoneridge celebrated its 10-year anniversary with events in Winnipeg and Fargo and held the first Leadership conference in Minneapolis this fall. Stoneridge hosted its annual Connect conference in September, had a total of 124 events, posted 136 blogs, ran bi-weekly Confab live events, and saw our YouTube videos rack up over 4000 viewed hours.

Thank you to all who participated in the Stoneridge community in 2022 and we look forward to more engagement in 2023.

Looking Ahead

As I look forward to 2023, I see a continued focus on creating a technology platform with more companies building their digital transformation strategies. Companies will continue to invest in data and business intelligence insights to help make decisions in this ever-changing world. I also foresee more companies focusing on change management and the importance of engaging their team in the change (whether technology-related or not).

While the labor market and overall economic outlook look tepid, companies will use this year to focus on their best team members and build a technology platform that puts them in a position to be successful.

Thank you to our clients, our partners, and our team members for another great year.

For our clients especially, we appreciate your trust to guide the best course for your core business applications. We take that responsibility seriously and look forward to helping you achieve even more in 2023.
- Stoneridge CEO Eric Newell

We Look Forward to Assisting You in 2023!

If you are a Stoneridge client, reach out to your account manager for ways we might be able to assist you with strategy, support, licensing, and managed services. If you are interested in working with Stoneridge Software, please contact us and our team would be happy to help!

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