Connecting to Dynamics NAV Web Services Using PHP

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In order to make Dynamics NAV Web Services work with PHP you need to make sure that SOAP and CURL extensions are installed and enabled in php.ini.

You can check this by running the info.php and checking the following entries:

Once you have verified that the php.ini file is correct you will need to update the Service Tier to use NTLM Authentication.

Note: Be sure to stop and start the service instance to apply the NTLM Authentication change.

Extract The Attached Zip File And Transfer The Contents To The PHP Site.

You will need to update the NTLMUserID.php file to reflect your Username and Password.

After you update the Web Services Credentials you must configure the Web Service URL for PHP Examples.

First, verify that the Web Services instances is running.


Next update Examples.php variables to reflect your Web Service instance.

$baseURL = ‘’;

Note: Be sure to include Port Number and Service Tier name in URL.

Define the company name that you will be connecting to.

$CompanyName = “CRONUS International Ltd.”;

Save changes to the examples.php file.

Run the PHP Examples page.

Read Single Record

$pageURL = $baseURL.rawurlencode($CompanyName).’/Page/Item’;

// Read Single Record


$service = new NTLMSoapClient($pageURL);

$params = array(‘No’ => ‘*1*’);

$result = $service->Read($params);

$item = $result->Item;

echo “Read Single Record Result: Item Filter No = *1*:” . $item->No . “&nbsp;” . $item->Description.”<br><br>”;


catch (Exception $e) {

echo “<hr><b>ERROR: SoapException:</b> [“.$e.”]<hr>”;

echo “<pre>”.htmlentities(print_r($service->__getLastRequest(),1)).”</pre>”;

Read Multiple Records


$params = array(‘filter’ => array( array(‘Field’ => ‘No’,

‘Criteria’ => ‘*1*’)


‘setSize’ => 20); //setSize =0 will return all rows – Can cause performance issue with large results set!

$result = $service->ReadMultiple($params);

$resultSet = $result->ReadMultiple_Result->Item;

echo “Read Multiple Records Result: First 20 Items that Contain *1* :<br>”;

if (is_array($resultSet)) {

foreach($resultSet as $rec) {

echo $rec->No . “&nbsp;” . $rec->Description.”<br>”;



else {

echo $resultSet->No . “&nbsp;” . $resultSet->Description.”<br>”;



catch (Exception $e) {

echo “<hr><b>ERROR: SoapException:</b> [“.$e.”]<hr>”;

echo “<pre>”.htmlentities(print_r($service->__getLastRequest(),1)).”</pre>”;


Create Record

try {

$create = new stdClass();

//Define The Primary Key Values

$Item_PK = new stdClass();

$Item_PK->No= “NEWITEM” . DATE(his);

//Create The Record

$create->Item = $Item_PK;

$result = $service->create($create);

//Key is the Unique Identifer that is required to perform any additional updates to the data.

$key = $result->Item->Key;

echo “Record Created: Key Value = ” . $key.”<br>Item No.=” . $result->Item->No . “<br>”;


catch (Exception $e) {

echo “<hr><b>ERROR: SoapException:</b> [“.$e.”]<hr>”;

echo “<pre>”.htmlentities(print_r($service->__getLastRequest(),1)).”</pre>”;


Update Record

//Note: Key Value is required to update data!

try {

$Update_Rec = new stdClass();

$Update_Rec->Key = $key;

$Update_Rec->No =”UPDATEDITEM” . DATE(his); //Note: We Are Changeing the Primary Key(The Primary Key value is not required, I just wanted to show the Key Value Increments when the Primary Key is changed.)

$Update_Rec->Description = ‘Created by Web Service’; //Text Field

$Update_Rec->Unit_Price = 19.99; //Decimal Field

$Update_Rec->Replenishment_System = ‘Assembly’; //Option Field

$Update_Rec->Blocked = True; //Boolean Field

$Update_Rec->Safety_Lead_Time = ’30D’; //DateFormula Field

$update->Item =$Update_Rec;

$result = $service->Update($update);

$key = $result->Item->Key;

echo “Record Updated: New Key Value = ” . $key.”<br>Item No.=” . $result->Item->No . “<br>”;


catch (Exception $e) {

echo “<hr><b>ERROR: SoapException:</b> [“.$e.”]<hr>”;

echo “<pre>”.htmlentities(print_r($service->__getLastRequest(),1)).”</pre>”;


Delete Record

//Note: Key Value is required to delete data!

try {

$Delete_Rec = new stdClass();

$Delete_Rec->Key = $key;

$result = $service->Delete($Delete_Rec);

echo “Record Deleted: Key Value = ” . $key.”<br>”;


catch (Exception $e) {

echo “<hr><b>ERROR: SoapException:</b> [“.$e.”]<hr>”;

echo “<pre>”.htmlentities(print_r($service->__getLastRequest(),1)).”</pre>”;


Execute Codeunit Function

try {

$codeunitURL = $baseURL.rawurlencode($CompanyName).’/Codeunit/LibraryRandom’;

echo “<br>Execute NAV Codeunit Call: $codeunitURL<br><br>”;

//Initialize Page Soap Client

$codeunit = new NTLMSoapClient($codeunitURL);

$functionparams = array(‘delta’ => rand(1,10)); //Set Parameters for function

$result = $codeunit->RandDate($functionparams); //Call Codeunit Function To Return Random Date Based Upon delta passed

echo “NAV Codeunit LibraryRandom Result: ” . $result->return_value.”<br>”;


catch (Exception $e) {

echo “<hr><b>ERROR: SoapException:</b> [“.$e.”]<hr>”;

echo “<pre>”.htmlentities(print_r($service->__getLastRequest(),1)).”</pre>”;


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