Cost Savings for D365 Finance with Auto Shutdown Cloud-Hosted VM

By Jackie Olson | March 8, 2021

You may be able to realize a cost savings for D365 Finance with auto shutdown of Tier-1 VM machines that are now hosted in your Cloud.

If you are paying for these machines by the hour (pay as you go). You should be aware that you can utilize the Azure VM feature to shut these machines down at a certain time every night to save on costs.

More details are available at the following resource blogs:

Azure Virtual Machine auto-shutdown - Microsoft Tech Community Or Azure Automation Start/Stop VMs during off-hours overview | Microsoft Docs

For Azure pricing please refer to this link - Pricing Calculator | Microsoft Azure

Auto Shutdown Cloud-Hosted Tips

One thing to be aware of is that even though the VM is stopped via Auto-shutdown blade in your Azure portal, the Stopped status will not be reflected in the Deployment status of that machine in LCS > Cloud-hosted environment page.  The status here will stay the way it was.

cloud hosted services

The user will need to be aware that the machines are shut down every night and he/she will just need to manually click on the name of the VM in LCS> Cloud Hosted, then click on Stop link/button (so the link/button can be switched to Start). Once the status is changed to Stopped, click on Start link/button to start the machine. If the machine is not started here in LCS, the user will not be able to login to that machine. The user would need the Operations User role permission in LCS project to be able to go to LCS> Cloud Hosted Environments.


Azure Virtual Machine auto-shutdown - Microsoft Tech Community

Azure Automation Start/Stop VMs during off-hours overview | Microsoft Docs

Pricing Calculator | Microsoft Azure

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