Creating A Custom Lookup in Dynamics AX That Filters Across Multiple Fields

by | Updated August 15, 2016 | Development, Dynamics AX

The normal item lookup in Dynamics AX is fine for finding items when you know part of the Item number or Search name. But, what if we have item information in a related table?

Custom Lookup in Dynamics AX


We want to create a custom lookup in Dynamics AX that displays fields from a related table, and allows us to filter records by typing into a search box. Start by creating a regular custom lookup form. Instead of standard data sources, we will use a query as the data source for our form. This will allow us to more easily filter our results. Add a text box and a button above the grid; this will serve as our filter box.

When opened, the form now looks like this:

Creating a Custom Lookup in Dynamics AX

The first problem we encounter is that a normal lookup form will disappear whenever a record is selected. We want to break this behavior and force the user to either click the select button or double click the desired record so that the user is able to use the filter box.

The following code implements this change:


Override the clicked method on the Select button:


Override the doubleClicked method on the grid:


The canSelect variable is a flag that allows us to cancel the form closing that would normally happen when the user clicks on something.

Now for the interesting part.  When the user types a value into the filter box, we want to filter the grid to show all records where any field starts with the entered value.  To do this, we are going to use the addQueryFilter method on the query.  This will allow us to add a WHERE clause to the query that will match multiple fields and OR the results together.  By applying a normal filter we are only able to AND the results.

I also must point out that a query filter applied in this manner differs from the normal Range applied to a QueryBuildDataSource in that it’s applied after the data sources are joined. This can produce unexpected results when your tables are linked with an Outer join.


The last thing to do is add a timer to automatically apply the filter 1 second after the user stops typing.

In the class declaration of the form, add a constant for the timeout:  *Remember that the timeout is specified in milliseconds.

Override the clicked method on the SearchValue button to apply the filter when it is clicked:

Add a method to the SearchValue button to apply the filter:


Finally, override the textChanged method to start the timer whenever the text box value changes:


Now when we type “Microsoft” into the filter we find all records with a field that starts with that string:
Custom Lookup in Dynamics AX



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