Creating a Return Order in Dynamics AX 2012

By Wally Carr | November 11, 2015

Dynamics AX supports the business case of a customer returning goods through the use of a return order. The blog post will start with a customer invoice, then show how to create and process a return order against it. For our purposes, we will assume that our customer has reported problems with goods listed on a particular invoice.

How to Create a Return Order in Dynamics AX 2012

1. Identify the invoice to return against:

Return Order in AX 2012

2. Create the return order: Note that I selected the customer by their name from the drop down, then I got this display:

Return Order in AX 2012

3. We will fill in the lines on the return order directly from the sales order that was referenced in the invoice we chose at first:

Return Order in Dynamics AX

4. We select the sales order lines to return:

Sales Order Lines in AX 2012

5. So now we have a return order with several lines:

Return Order in AX 2012

How to Receive the Return

1. Send the Return order to the customer

Send Return Order to Customer

2. When the goods arrive, register each line on the order:

Register Line Orders

3. Each line will need a Disposition code:

Disposition Code in AX

4. Once we have a Disposition code, add the Line and post it:

Add Line in AX 2012

Registration in Dynamics AX

5. Now it’s time to generate the packing slip:

Generate Packing List in AX 2012

6. Print and Post:

Post Packing Slip

Show Packing Slip in AX 2012

The Return Order is complete, and we can now issue a credit to the customer (In a separate process).

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