Creating and Utilizing Product Kits in D365 Finance and Supply Chain

By Wyatt Erickson | April 24, 2020

Utilizing product kits within Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain is a retail and commerce function that enables users to combine items to sell as a single product or disassemble an item to sell as individual parts. Product kits functionality is commonly compared with BOM items, but its major difference is that it is not used for production. A product kit will only assemble or disassemble items if there is capacity within the inventory. This can be utilized to sell items as a bundle or individually at higher prices or discounts.

Product Kits are relatively simple to create, given that all its components have already been created and posted to the company.

Follow these steps to create a new product kit in D365 Finance and Supply Chain:

Step 1: Navigate to Retail and Commerce > Product Categories > Product Kits

Step 2: Click New > In the Product Name Field name your kit

Step 3: In the New product window, type in the new product name and choose product dimension group “Config”

Product Kits step 3

Click OK

Step 4: In the action pane under Product, click the Configure button in the product kit field.

Product kits step 4

Step 5: On the configure Kit page, Click Add in the kit components fast tab

Product kits step 5

This will bring up a products list to choose from for the kits.

Step 6: On the Add products page, select the products that will be used for the product kit components.

Product kits step 6

Step 7: After selecting the products, click the Add button located above the products table. This should move all the selected products to the right side of the page.

Click OK

Step 8: On the Configure kit page, click Save and Approve, then close the page.

After you have approved the product kit, it will need to be released to the company just like every other product.

In summary, if you want to add diversity to some of your assembled products, or simply sell items as a bundle, product kits can be a useful tool. Although this is not a high functioning element of D365 Finance and Supply Chain, it is a very useful tool for creating different products using items that are already in inventory.

If you’d like more information on setting up Product Kits in D365 Finance and Supply Chain, contact Stoneridge Software.

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