CRM Online Reporting FetchXML (Operators)

By Eric Newell | December 10, 2012

CRM Online Reporting with FetchXML Series
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Part IIa: CRM FetchXML Operators
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I made this list mostly for my own benefit, but because I haven't seen a similar list online, it may be useful for you as well.  Here's a list of the "operator" elements in CRM 2011 FetchXML, so these are the values you put into the operator attribute of a filter condition when building your FetchXML query.

An example of this use would be as follows:

<condition attribute="regardingobjectid" value="@ProjectTaskID" uitype="new_projecttask" operator="in"/>

Here's the list of operator values - let me know in the comments if you have found any others:

Operator CRM Advanced Find Term
lt Less Than
gt Greater Than
le Less Than or Equal To
ge Greater Than or Equal To
eq Equals
ne Not Equals
neq Not Equal To
null Does Not Contain Data
not-null Contains Data
in Is In
not-in Is Not In
between Between
not-between Is Not Between
like Like
not-like Not Like
yesterday Yesterday
today Today
tomorrow Tomorrow
next-seven-days Next Seven Days
last-seven-days Last Seven Days
next-week Next Week
last-week Last Week
this-month This Month
last-month Last Month
next-month Next Month
on On
on-or-before On or Before
on-or-after On on After
this-year This Year
last-year Last Year
next-year Next Year
eq-userid Equals Current User
ne-userid Does Not Equal Current User
eq-businessid Equals Current Business Unit
ne-businessid Does Not Equal Current Business Unit
this-week This Week
last-x-months Last X Months
eq-userlanguage Equals User Language
eq-userteams Equals Current User's Teams
in-fiscal-year In Fiscal Year
in-fiscal-period In Fiscal Period
in-fiscal-period-and-year In Fiscal Period and Year
in-or-after-fiscal-period-and-year In or After Fiscal Period and Year
in-or-before-fiscal-period-and-year In or Before Fiscal Period and Year
last-fiscal-year Last Fiscal Year
this-fiscal-year This Fiscal Year
next-fiscal-year Next Fiscal Year
last-x-fiscal-years Last X Fiscal Years
next-x-fiscal-years Next X Fiscal Years
last-fiscal-period Last Fiscal Period
this-fiscal-period This Fiscal Period
next-fiscal-period Next Fiscal Period
last-x-fiscal-periods Last X Fiscal Periods
next-x-fiscal-periods Next X Fiscal Periods

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