Differences between Red Maple Advanced Credit Cards and Dynamics AX Online Payment Services

By Jason Erickstad | January 28, 2016

Here is a comparison of how online payments can be handled using Microsoft Dynamics AX online Payment Services, versus using the additional solution Red Maple Advanced Credit Cards.

Payment Providers

Dynamics Online Payment Services (DOPS)

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 provides an out-of-the-box feature called Payment Services. This service allows you to accept online payments in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Once you have completed sign-up for Payment Services, you will need to select at least one payment provider and complete the provider’s application process before you can begin accepting payments. Once this process is complete, you can use AX 2012 to accept payments.

Payment Services has agreements with several payment providers which are listed on the Payment Services website. You can view the details of each payment provider’s offer, and then do a side-by-side comparison of the providers to make the best choices for your business.

• FirstData
• BankofAmerica
• FirstData EMPS
• PayPal
• CyberSource

After selecting a payment provider, a link takes you to the provider’s sign up pages for you to create your account. The approval process can take several days. Once you receive confirmation that your account is active, you can continue on to Payment Services and associate the payment provider (or multiple providers) with payment methods for processing payments.

Red Maple Advanced Credit Cards

Advanced Credit Cards from Red Maple is an ISV solution you can purchase. This solution provides companies using AX 2012 the ability to securely accept and process credit card payments. It delivers an end-to-end credit card solution for companies looking to increase efficiency in the order fulfillment process.

With Advanced Credit Cards, companies can choose one of the following providers, including:

• Chase Paymentech
• FirstData
• Heartland
• Authorize.net
• Cybersource
• PayPal
• Moneris
• Commidea

The key difference between the two is that you can continue to use your existing payment provider with Advanced Credit Cards. If you want to use the DOPS, you are required to sign up and process an application to the payment provider and use that account. With DOPS, you can’t use your existing payment provider account.

Where Can You Process Credit Cards in Dynamics AX?

Dynamics Online Payment Services (DOPS)

When using DOPS, there are on two places where you can process a credit card transaction

• Sales Orders
• Sales Pickup (Will Call)

Red Maple Advanced Credit Cards

With Advanced Credit Cards there are quite a few places where you can process transactions

• Sales Orders
• Sales Pickup (Will Call)
• Project Module
• Free Text Invoices in Accounts Receivable
• Return Orders

The key difference here is that you can process credit card transactions in many different areas. The key one for me is the ability to process a credit card return in the Return Order Process. With DOPS we don’t have the ability to use a credit card and you are only allowed to process a credit card credit from a Credit Note within the Sales Order.  With Advanced Credit Cards from Red Maple, you have the ability to process credit card credits through the Return Order module in AX.

Other Key Differences Between Online Payment Options:

In addition to the above, there are a couple of other differences that are key.


Advanced Credit Cards provides a better solution in the reconciliation process compared to DOPS. With Advanced Credit Cards you can configure the system to place certain credit card types in an unposted payment journal with the Deposit field flag. Then when you post the payment journal you can also create a deposit slip.

At the end of the month when doing your bank reconciliation, you can use this deposit slip to help reconcile your bank with ease.

With DOPS, the system will automatically post the payment journal for you when you invoice the Sales Order. This means that if you do 50 credit card transaction in a day you will have 50 payment journals that day, thereby causing the reconciliation process to take longer.

Authorization of Additional Charges (Deltas)

Advanced Credit Cards also supports the authorization of charges without voiding the original authorization. For example, with DOPS if you have an initial authorization of $5000.00 and you add a charge of $25.00, DOPS will void the original authorization of $5000.00 and reauthorize for $5025.00. This means we have authorized over $10000 on someone’s card, this is because the void that was done may take a few days to get back on the person’s credit card.

With Advanced Credit Card this is not the case, it will authorize the additional charges without voiding the original. In this key difference, we are not holding a large amount of funds.

DOPS does have its place if you have low-volume of Credit Card Transactions and don’t require a lot of functionality. However, in many cases, I have seen increased efficiency when clients are using Red Maples Advanced Credit Card solution. Your decision is ultimately based upon your needs.

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