How Dynamics 365 Sales Takes Your Business From Good to Great

By Jesse Bucholz | January 4, 2024

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales

There are many benefits to using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. It is a flexible tool that empowers your salespeople and managers to streamline and enhance their processes to increase productivity and drive profitability.

It centralizes all the data you need to create specific and tailored sales processes while helping you attract new and retain existing customers. In short, it makes your company operate better, which makes it easier for clients to interact with you and eventually purchase your services.

Dynamics 365 Sales Empowers You to Work Effectively

Dynamics 365 Sales Home

There are many great benefits to Dynamics 365 Sales. It gives you quick access to all your activities, opportunities, leads, and goals. It does this while also giving you access to a wide range of tools that can help you find the data pertinent to your job, create engaging visuals for presentations, manage your accounts, and streamline your processes. You can also do all of this within the tools you use every day such as Microsoft Teams and Outlook, which helps your employees save time and focus on their most important tasks.

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Let’s examine some of the main benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales that you can take advantage of:

A Dynamic and Engaging Dashboard Experience

Dynamics 365 Sales Dashboard

As a salesperson, staying organized and having information at your fingertips are two things that are paramount to you doing your job effectively. The intuitive dashboard in Dynamics 365 Sales displays all of your relevant information in a central location. This includes:

  • Tasks and due activities
  • Open accounts
  • Opportunities
  • Assigned leads
  • And more

You can customize the dashboard to fit your style of work as it allows for different visibility options. It also integrates well with Power BI dashboards to give you real-time insights into your sales pipeline and your work performance.

Efficient and Easy Account Management

Dynamics 365 Sales Account Management

The Dynamics 365 Sales system lets you easily view and filter your accounts and enables you to better understand the relationships between them. The native Bing Maps integration gives you quick access to geographical views, which is handy when you are on the move.

It also comes with a timeline feature that captures and displays all interactions and related records you have for your clients, giving you a comprehensive overview of your accounts’ histories.

Dynamics 365 Sales Timeline

Streamlined Sales Process

Dynamics 365 Sales helps guide you and the rest of your team through the entire sales process from creating leads to closing deals. You can trace your clients through business process flows that ensure you can track your progress and stockpile important data through every sales stage.

Dynamics 365 Sales Timeline

It also comes with a native SharePoint integration that allows you to manage your documents efficiently and increase collaboration with other people on your team.

Quick and Painless Quote Creation

Creating quotes and managing products is easy in Dynamics 365 Sales. Whether you are working with data native to Dynamics 365 or integrated from an ERP solution, you can work out of a centralized hub to manage products and create quotes. You can also view opportunities to leverage features like price lists and discounts.

Dynamics 365 Sales Quote Creation

The system comes with quote templates and customization options so you can ensure the branding on your documents is on point. It also has a Microsoft Outlook integration that lets you find your documents from within Outlook, attach them, and send them in just a few steps.

Advanced Features with Sales Accelerator

You can enhance the features in your Dynamics 365 Sales with the Sales Accelerator. It lets you create segments based on various criteria and automates lead distribution within your system.

Dynamics 365 Sales Accelerator

You can create sequences to guide your sales team through predefined steps in the sales process. It also comes with call recording and sentiment analysis that enhances communication tracking, which provides valuable insights for your team.

Integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams

If you work with the Microsoft 365 stack, you do a lot of work in Outlook and Teams. Dynamics 365 Sales integrates very well with both and provides you with multiple features for each:

Microsoft Outlook – Adding Dynamics 365 Sales to your Outlook app bridges the gap between email communication and your CRM system. You can track emails and create new contacts, leads, and opportunities from your Outlook app while not having to worry about that data getting into your CRM system as well.

Dynamics 365 Sales Outlook Integration

Microsoft Teams - Collaboration is key in a successful sales environment, and Microsoft Teams is the ultimate collaboration tool. By integrating Dynamics 365 with Teams, you can view Dynamics 365 data directly in your Teams channels. You can collaborate with coworkers, discuss strategy, share information, and access relevant data during sales calls without leaving your Teams interface.

Dynamics 365 Sales Teams Integration

Work On the Go with Dynamics 365 Mobile

Taking your work on the go is easy with the Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app. It comes with a user-friendly interface and provides all of the same features it would on a laptop or computer, including the ability to:

  • Access and create records.
  • Create and log new activities.
  • Manage your calendar.

Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile

The mobile app provides you with the ability to maintain your productivity level even when you are on the road. We have a blog on this topic if you want to learn more.

Want To Learn More About the Capabilities of Dynamics 365 Sales?

Please reach out to us! Our Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement team is well-versed in Dynamics 365 Sales and can help you utilize it to its full potential.

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