How Stoneridge Can Help you Navigate the Microsoft New Commerce Experience

By Randy Larson | March 17, 2022

Microsoft recently announced the New Commerce Experience (NCE) for licensing its products to improve engagement and service for both partners and customers.

New Commerce Experience Explained

The Microsoft NCE is a new method of purchasing that features new licensing options through Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider Program. Microsoft has already launched NCE licensing offers for products such as Azure, Microsoft 365 (M365), Dynamics 365 (D365), and Power Platform.

What the New Commerce Experience Means for You

The main change in NCE is a switch to seat-based offers, which is a subscription model that is offered “per seat” for one user, regardless of how many devices you are using, for services offered on the cloud. Microsoft also recently increased prices for some O365 and M365 licenses. If you are impacted by these increases, it is important to remember this will also include new communication and collaboration tools, security and compliance options, and AI-Automation capabilities to its Office products that can help streamline your business and may actually help you save money. You can read more about these price changes in our previous Navigating Price Changes blog post (click here for the Canadian Price Changes blog post).

You can now buy NCE products on monthly, 12-month (annual), or 36-month (multi-year subscriptions) that can be paid monthly or prepaid annually but must commit to a license quantity before they purchase. You can increase this quantity throughout the duration of the contract but cannot decrease it until the subscription renews.

Previously, under the legacy CSP model, you could add and reduce license quantities as needed, and cancel your subscription at any time. This has also changed, as Microsoft does not currently allow NCE subscriptions to be canceled mid-term. For customers who were under the legacy model before, moving to NCE may be a significant change impacting their license planning and budgeting cycles.

That’s why we are here to assist you.

A Full Solution: How Stoneridge Software Can Help You with the New Commerce Experience

Microsoft licensing is challenging and can be a headache to work through by yourself. At Stoneridge, we have a team of dedicated licensing experts to help you with that. We also have people to help you with purchasing, setup, implementation, ongoing maintenance, and custom technical consulting projects.

When you choose to consolidate with Stoneridge Software, you will have access to an all-encompassing solution with experts to help you from start to finish. You are bound to have questions, and we can help with any questions around Microsoft licensing.

Microsoft License Consolidation

By consolidating your Microsoft invoices with Stoneridge Software, you’ll only pay one bill – providing convenience and simplicity for your operation.  We can help explore options for consolidating across a broad spectrum of Microsoft products including Dynamics 365, Office 365, Microsoft 365, and Azure.

  • Make sure you are receiving the best price possible for your Microsoft licenses.
  • Streamline your operations via centralized provisioning and easier administration.
  • Assess your organization’s exposure to risk from compliance with Microsoft’s licensing terms.

Additional Services from Stoneridge Software

Stoneridge Software offers a wide variety of services that can help you run your business. We not only provide you with software solutions, but we also provide you the training and tools necessary to do the implementation, while offering ongoing support and custom technical consulting projects.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

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