How to Buy Microsoft Dynamics 365

By Leah Baker | March 29, 2021

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM systems are tools you use to automate your business processes in an organization. While they are all Microsoft business-focused products, there's a big difference between Microsoft Word or Excel vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions. You can install Word on your computer and start typing whatever you want right away. If you install Microsoft Dynamics, you may be able to create an account or a vendor in your system, but there's not much you can do without partnering with an expert to implement the product.

Because of this, you can't buy Microsoft Dynamics 365 directly from Microsoft. Microsoft wants you to buy it through one of their partners, preferably one who carries a Gold Competency in Business Applications. That's why you see a link on the Dynamics page to "Find a Partner" and not "Buy Now". If you contact Microsoft from the Dynamics website, they will put you in touch with three partners they feel are the best match for the needs you provided to them in the phone call. If you like one of those partners, you can buy the software through them.

Purchase Dynamics 365 Through Microsoft Partner Sales Channels

Once you've found the best partner for you, you can buy Microsoft Dynamics 365 through two different channels. You can buy it directly from your partner. That partner will either be a Cloud Solution Provider, thereby entitling them to create your account and manage your subscription, or they will have a relationship with another Cloud Solution Provider who will create your account and manage your subscription on their behalf. You can work with that partner to buy Dynamics 365 as well as any other Microsoft business product you choose to add, like Power BI, Power Apps, Azure or even Microsoft 365.

The other channel through which you can buy Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Microsoft's Volume Licensing model. This model is available to any business who buys 500 licenses of Microsoft products. This could come from buying 250 licenses of Microsoft 365 plus 250 licenses of Dynamics 365, so it doesn't mean you have to have 500 employees in your company. It's generally targeted towards large companies who will be licensing many users on many different Microsoft products. Volume Licensing is handled through a special kind of Microsoft partner called a Licensing Service Provider. If you are a large organization with many Microsoft products, you probably already have a Licensing Service Provider. If you don't know who it is, talk to your IT leader or you can reach out to Microsoft directly for that information.

The key is to find a partner you can trust who will help you through the process. Microsoft licensing is complex so you will want to work with a partner who understands it well and who will look out for your best interests and take you to the channel that provides the best deal for you.

Activating Your Users in Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Once you have purchased the software from your partner or through Volume Licensing, your subscription will appear in your Admin Center in Microsoft 365 Admin Center. From there, you can go to Active Users and find the users to whom you want to grant access to Microsoft Dynamics. After selecting the user, click on the Licenses and Apps page to see what licenses you can assign and how many available licenses you have for each product. Once you assign them access to any of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 licenses, they will gain access to that application. They will sign into Dynamics 365 with the same login and password they use for logging into Microsoft 365, Active Directory and apps like Outlook.

Buy Microsoft Dynamics from a Partner You Trust

You can buy Microsoft Dynamics 365 through any qualified Microsoft partner. You can reach out to a partner or you can ask Microsoft to suggest partners for you. In the end, you want to work with a partner who knows the Microsoft licensing model and will understand your needs and get your what you want.

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