How to Trust Your Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner

By Natalie Lemke | August 30, 2019

In 2016, Microsoft announced and released Dynamics 365, which continues to build a solid user base as companies transition their ERP systems to the cloud. However, in the world of software implementations, not all partners are created equal – especially when it comes to Dynamics 365. Because Dynamics 365 is a relatively new ERP offering, many software partners don’t have the experience or knowledge required to successfully implement and deploy the solution as intended – leading to failed implementations. Here are some tips on how to trust your Dynamics 365 Business Central partner.

Before You Implement Dynamics 365 Business Central

If you’re considering implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central, you should first interview your software partner to learn more about their experience and expertise level. While your current software partner may be well versed in other Dynamics solutions, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are experts in Dynamics 365.

Questions to ask your Dynamics 365 Business Central partner about implementation:

- What kind of training has your team gone through on Dynamics 365 Business Central?
- How many Dynamics 365 implementations have you successfully completed?
- Do you have experience with Dynamics 365 and companies in my industry?
- What training and support do you offer?
- How many people are on your Business Central team?
- What is your training strategy for your Business Central consultants?
- Can you provide references?

During a Rocky Implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Before starting a software implementation project, you and your Dynamics 365 Business Central partner should have a timeline and strategic plan in place to ensure the project is executed in a timely and seamless manner. When those plans go off the rails, it’s time to assess your options for moving forward.

- Has your go-live date been moved time and time again?
- Has your budget gone up mid-project?
- Do you feel like your wheels are spinning but the project isn’t moving?

If you can identify with any of those questions, it’s time to reflect on accountabilities and responsible parties. Does your team need to increase the time allotted to accomplish tasks assigned internally? Or are your internal tasks completed and your project is being stalled by your partner?

Have a meeting with your software partner to determine steps for getting the project back on track. If that doesn’t seem possible, now is the time to look to a more qualified software partner to help resuscitate your implementation and get you moving forward successfully.

If Your Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation Has Failed

Unfortunately, ERP software implementations can fail for a variety of reasons. More often than not, partners take on more than they can handle or have experience with. When an implementation goes wrong, it can negatively affect your daily processes, efficiency, and bottom line. Additionally, you could have a live system but still struggle with performance, user acceptance and adoption, painful process flows, and much more.

If you feel like your system isn’t working like you thought it would reach out to Stoneridge Software. Our team is highly-trained in Dynamics 365 and has experience successfully implementing Business Central and recovering projects that have failed. Our team can get your project back on track and help you achieve the business goals you set out to reach when you started your Dynamics 365 Business Central project.

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