How to Overcome 3 Key Challenges Facing Your Medical Device Firm

By Scott Frappier | July 12, 2021

A numerous projects supporting and implementing software for medical device firms has uncovered three key challenges these businesses face.

Key Challenge #1: Serialization and Lot Control

The ability to quickly and easily understand where the product is within the supply chain is accomplished through serialization and lot control. Serialization and lot control of raw components and finished goods alike is vital to medical device firms.

How to Overcome the Challenge of Serialization and Lot Control with D365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central gives users complete control over when serial numbers and lot, sometimes referred to as batch, numbers are assigned. Firms may choose to assign serial numbers or lot numbers immediately when devices enter the system or only after a product is sold.

The “item tracking” function is used to define how products are tracked. Users may assign serial numbers or lot numbers depending on their preference. Each serial number and lot number is associated with an item tracking code, which supports easy tracking. For lot numbers with an expiration date, expiration calculators determine and set product shelf life. A built-in device history feature simplifies tracking end user and warranty information.

A useful inventory tracking feature is present when submitting a sales order. The amount of inventory available for each ordered product will appear near the top of the screen. In cases when no inventory is available, a newly created production order will be linked to the sales order it relates to, granting better traceability. Business Central supports the tracking of multiple contacts related to one order.

Traceability is particularly critical in the case of a product recall. Product recalls are never good news, but easy tracking allows companies to be proactive in their response. Item tracing capabilities in Business Central allow one to search for and track products. Recalled products can be traced to vendors, end-users, and sales orders.

How to Create and Release a Production Order from Business Central Sales Order Screen

Key Challenge #2: Quality Management

Quality management aids in the reduction of defects and repairs, making it especially vital to medical device manufacturing firms. Quality management is integral to medical device manufacturing capabilities within Business Central.

How to Overcome the Challenge of Quality Management with D365 Business Central

Business Central promotes quality management through its quality order system. Quality orders allow users to create associations between the business process and quality tests. Flexibility is a key component of quality management within Business Central. For example, users can customize when quality tests are ordered. Quality tests can be performed on purchase orders when they come inbound, during the production process, or after the final goods have been produced.

“Quality Associations” is a feature that allows a quality order to be generated when a specific item number is produced. This feature lets users define the specifications of the quality order.

Inventory changes must reflect destructive testing. Business Central differentiates between destructive and non-destructive testing and reduces inventory levels accordingly. Failed quality testing results in the automatic quarantine of product within the system, preventing it from being ordered and shipped.

Quality Associations in Business Central - a Short Guide

Key Challenge #3: Management Insights

Many medical device manufacturers face the same problem with ERP software: it allows the input of information but is unable to provide useful management insights with the data provided. This frustrates users and curtails meaningful insights.

How to Overcome the Challenge of Management Insights with D365 Business Central

D365 Business Central allows decision-makers to interact with data in a quick and powerful manner. End-user-based tools create dynamic financial reports and documents which match the departments and cost centers within your organization.

Business Central integrates seamlessly with Power BI capabilities. Power BI embeds consolidated reports from multiple data sources into Business Central. This integration makes it simple to drill down data for a more complete understanding. Business Central also supports SSRS, another commonly used reporting and analytics tool.

Key indicators on the Business Central home screen make it easy to see trends that may need immediate action or further analysis. These indicators allow users to spot positive or negative trends and uncover their roots.

For managers who prefer to analyze data in Excel, the “Edit in Excel” button allows exactly that. Data from Business Central can be opened and interacted within Excel.

Management Insights on the Business Central Dashboard

Dynamics 365 Business Central addresses three key challenges medical device firms face and creates meaningful business intelligence solutions. Learn more about utilizing Power BI for Dynamics 365 Business Central by registering for our upcoming online workshop.

Intro to Power BI for Dynamics 365 Business Central – Online Workshop

August 18, 2021 | 10:00 am – 12:00 pm CST

Session overview:

Power BI for Dynamics Business Central is an instructor-led virtual training course that provides Business Central users an intro to the Power BI experience. This session will cover three key areas:

  • Getting Started with Power BI
  • Diving into Power BI
  • Report Consumption

After this session, you’ll understand how to view financial reporting data from Business Central in a Power BI dashboard.


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