How to Process a Partial Pick List in Production from Dynamics AX

By Dan Liebl | May 17, 2017

Recently I was back working on the Production Control module in Dynamics AX after some time away and came across a need to issue items in stages. I was not sure how to proceed. I did some looking at parameters and searched online without finding a definitive answer. In talking with a co-worker, I found the answer. It was sitting there right in front of me. It was a pretty obvious solution, but I did not do the extra click to see it. I hate it when that happens!

Let me walk through the process and show you how it is done. First, let’s start with a production order of 100 units of Item D0003 a standard speaker in our sample company. This is the BOM for D0003:


I will create the production order for 100 units. Dates are irrelevant in this example. All components require 1 unit for each speaker. For item M0001, I have started the production and will be able to complete 25 units a day. For the components, I have placed the PO’s with the vendor. M0002 and M0003 I can receive in total prior to production. M0004 I can get 50 units up front, and 50 more a few days later. M0007 I can get 25 units up front, and the rest a few days later. I can start my production and get 25 units a day of the speakers. Let’s do some issuing!

To create my pick list (can be automated as well), I will do just this one production order. Go to the Picking list journal and click New to create the journal. Then I will go Picking list>Create lines. It will show this window below. I will leave the defaults and enter in my quantity of 100, and since I know I need to break this up to multiple picklist journals, I will uncheck the Consumption=Proposal box and click OK.


When I view the details after the form opens, it looks like this:


Since I have now gotten some of my components in, I will fill them in as I noted earlier. Here is what my window will look like with the items I want to issue. When I created the picklist, I cleared the numbers for Consumptions so no one accidentally posted with incorrect numbers.


I will now click Post to issue these materials to the production order. A couple of days later, I get the additional production of M0001, the other 50 of M0004. It has been 2 days so I can issue 50 of each. I should get the remaining 25 of M0001 and the remainder of the M0007 item a day later.

I will need to create a new picklist. I will fill it in as follows below. Note the proposal field! That was the answer to the question. If I choose the Remaining quantity there, look at how my Picklist will populate. It will populate with what is left to issue and exclude fully issued items. I will also check the Consumption=Proposal checkbox.



The system knew I only issued 25 of M0001 and M0007 so it has the proposal at 75 and the consumption at 75 because I checked the box to have them equal. For item M0004, it shows 50 as the remainder to be issued. In this example, I need to change M0001 to 50 as that is all I have, and I still am waiting on M0007, so I will 0 that out.

Next, I will post this to issue 50 of M0001 and the remaining 50 of M0004.

The next day I received the final 25 of M0001 and the remainder of the M0007 item. I will create the pick list the same as the previous where the Proposal = Remaining quantity and the Consumption = Proposal box checked. I get a pick list that looks like this:


I can post this and now have all the materials issued so I can finish up this production order.

This is how you can utilize the Proposal options and the Consumption=Proposal checkbox to help manage your production process.

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