How to Streamline Statement of Work Creation with Power Apps and Power Automate

By Kabir Rincon | May 28, 2024

Using tools like Powers Apps and Power Automate can help your business adapt to a constantly evolving business environment

To get ahead, you must improve efficiency by identifying areas of improvement and coming up with concrete plans to meet your organizational goals.

One great way to do that is to leverage low-to-no code tools in the Microsoft Power Platform. In this blog, we will highlight how a combination of Power Apps and Power Automate helped Stoneridge Software streamline what was a time-consuming process.

Using Power Apps and Power Automate to Create the Statement of Work Generator

The Stoneridge Cloud Services team built the Statement of Work (SoW) generator to automate the creation of SoWs based on information gathered through research.

To demonstrate how this Power App works, here is a step-by-step guide on how Stoneridge team members use it to streamline the creation of SoWs. We’ll break down each step in more detail.

Basic Info

Statement of Work Generator Basic Info

Here we can fill in the basic facts about the client and what type of work we are doing for them. This includes the following:

  • Client name
  • Project type
  • Licensing information
  • User number
  • The type of work

This gives our team a brief overview of which client they are dealing with and what the project might look like.

Survey Form

In this stage, the Statement of Work generator gives us questions related to the Project type from stage one. Depending on the type of project, the questions will look different. For example, here you can see the questions that come up with an Azure Infrastructure:

Power Apps and Power Automate Project Type Azure Infrastructure

Statement of Work Generator Survey Form Azure Infrastructure

Alternatively, here are the questions that come up with a Power BI reporting project:

Power Apps and Power Automate Project Type Power BI Reporting

Statement of Work Generator Survey Form Power BI Reporting

This showcases how flexible Power Apps can be, and how you can use them to help streamline many business processes within your company.

Project Scope

Once we have finished the survey form, we can move to the Project Scope section where you can summarize a description of the project and determine what resources the team should allocate to it.

Statement of Work Generator Project Scope

To further enhance automation during this step, we used AI custom topics to generate both the project description and scope automatically. It does this by pulling from the information you entered in previous steps.

If you do this with a Power App you design, ensure you review it first, so it best matches your project.

Out of Scope

Statement of Work Generator Out of Scope

This step functions similarly to the Project Scope in that we can use AI to generate the assumptions and Out of Scope activities.


Statement of Work Generator Overview

In this stage, we can review the core information to ensure it matches what we want to appear on the SoW. Once you have verified the information, we hit “Submit.” This triggers a Power Automate workflow that automatically creates the SoW and the Work Breakdown Structure forms for you.

Integration with Your Everyday Microsoft 365 Applications

One of the other key benefits of working with Power Apps and Power Automate is they integrate very well with your everyday Microsoft tools like Outlook, SharePoint, Teams, and more.

Going back to the last step, once we hit “Submit”, the Power Automate workflow will send an email with a link to the SoW the system created.

Power Apps and Power Automate Oulook Integration

When we click the link, we are taken to a SharePoint site where we can find the SoW. Once you click on the Word document, you can review the Statement of Work to ensure it aligns with your and your team's needs.

Power Apps and Power Automate SharePoint Site with Statement of Work

From there, we receive a notification in Teams asking whether we want to approve or reject the SoW.

Power Apps and Power Automate Teams Approval for Statement of Work

As you can see, what was once a time-consuming process has been automated and shortened to five easy steps.

Want to Learn More About Power Apps and Power Automate?

Reach out to Stoneridge Software! Our team of experts can help you set up tools and the rest of the Power Platform to help your business become more efficient and automate tedious and time-consuming processes.

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