How to Turn Off the Out-of-the-Box Dynamics 365 Business Central-Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Integration

By Herb Johnson | June 19, 2023

Recently, I was asked to turn off the out-of-the-box integration between Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dataverse in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

While some of you may be fine with the regular integration between the two, there are a few reasons why you might want to turn it off:

  • You are no longer testing in a sandbox environment
  • You are moving to a different software package
  • You are changing to a different integration solution

It also provides you with more flexibility and makes it easier to manage and customize your environment.

In Business Central, I searched for Dataverse Connection Setup. On that page, I switched Enable Data Synchronization to Off. Once I did, I got the following error:

  • Validation Results

To disable the connection with Dataverse, you must first disable the existing connections with Dynamics 365 Sales.

D365 Business Central D365 Customer Engagement 1

Where do you go to disable the connection? I had trouble finding the answer. I reached out to a team member at Stoneridge and found that I needed to search for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connection Setup in Business Central.

D365 Business Central D365 Customer Engagement 2

At this point, I could click “Enabled” to turn off the Connection. When I returned to the Dataverse Connection Setup page, I could switch Enable Data Synchronization to Off.

D365 Business Central D365 Customer Engagement 3

To recap, here are the steps.

  • 1. In Business Central
    • a. Search for “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connection Setup”.
      • i. Open the page.
      • i. Click “Enabled”.
    • b. Search for “Dataverse Connection Setup”
      • i. Open the page.
      • ii. Click “Enable data Synchronization”.
    • c. Now you’re done.

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