Improving the Customer Experience with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

By Adam Hallbeck | May 14, 2021

Dynamics 365 Customer Service streamlines your customer data and empowers your sales team with up-to-date, accurate information. In this blog, we will dive into how technology is enabling businesses to increase sales and provide better customer service.

Customer Service vs Experience

Whether you are in line at a big box store, or on the phone with a computer system issue, customer service is a tricky area that can be prone to frustrating and time-consuming difficulties. These issues may stem from inexperienced or under-trained service reps, lack of access to quality data, misinformation, or long manual processes that lengthen the experience. In the end, we as consumers hope service providers can help us out, and in a perfect world, solve the problem quickly and painlessly. Leading companies are constantly looking for ways to make the customer experience a positive interaction, strengthen customer loyalty, and increase sales.  Let’s talk about how Dynamics 365 can help strengthen the customer experience.

Building Experiences

Let us begin by talking about how we can build a quality experience for customers and some of the features that help us manage these customer experiences. To begin, companies benefit from engaging with customers through many channels to spread information, internally and externally. By gathering this information, we can build an accurate and holistic customer profile. The D365 Customer Engagement Platform enables this collection through automated processes, such as case creation and streamlining processes, which makes it easy to keep things up to date. As data is collected in the customer profiles, things get even easier, and you no longer have to keep reinventing the wheel each time a customer needs assistance or asks a question. Another feature that enables this is the dashboard. The dashboard allows your team to see a holistic view of the client and find the right information quickly and smoothly at any time. Having the resources at your fingertips lessens the pain and difficulties of multitasking and allows your company to streamline processes, all the while tailoring everything to the client and collecting data. Because D365 Customer Service can learn, this continuous loop of data collection elevates your service team. The use of this program is worth it every time. Overall, the goal of the customer experience is to have the customer at the center of the process and as a company has a holistic view of the customer. By centering everything around the customer, we can keep them in focus.

The learning ability of the Customer Service platform transforms our position from prescriptive to predictive. The collected and sorted data in the customer profiles allows us to gain a predictive and proactive course of action. We can see and solve problems before they arise and learn from others in the system. The best part is its user-friendly interface gives anyone on your team the power to enforce a positive customer experience.

Importance of Data

To build a customer profile that is useful, we need data and, ideally, good data processing. Having a process allows companies to center service around each customer and build a profile that filters data so you can identify trends in services, marketing campaigns, and needs. By building upon these profiles, we can have a larger look at customer motivation. This will help businesses big and small to increase customer loyalty, cost savings, and boost your revenue. Overall, the Dynamics 365 ecosystem allows us to translate customer information into dollars and cents through our ability to accurately and effectively interact with customers – morphing your software solution from a simple platform to a complete customer satisfaction strategy.  By building long-lasting relationships and allowing for more meaningful conversations, your company will spring into a higher level of operation and communication.

CRM in action

Lastly, with a preview of the CRM system in action, you can see how everything ties together and how even when we use multiple means of data collection and customer touchpoints, data can be held in the dashboard for easy access. The interactive homepage allows us to see everything happening on multiple accounts in one place. The embedded knowledge base is a Livestream of the system learning and a timeline of every touchpoint. This enables you to see what has happened in the past and where you are now so you can learn to serve your customers in the best way possible.

Watch our video to see Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement in action and hear more about how leading businesses are using technology to improve customer experiences.


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