Microsoft Power Platform AI Builder Overview

By Herb Johnson | June 23, 2020

AI Builder dashboard

Another tool in Microsoft’s arsenal is AI Builder. Microsoft's Power Platform Artificial Intelligence Builder is a tool you can use for predicting results. There are many models that can be used here to automate the process of putting user data into your system. A person no longer needs to spend time reading through the text to categorize data or look at pictures to figure out what it is. Data entry can be automated to save time and reduce errors.

As of this writing, there are five model types.

1. Prediction

  • AI will learn from your historical data to predict a yes or no result. This is based on a basic yes, no question.
    • Will the customer buy the product?
    • Which leads will need follow up visits?
    • Is the account likely to make another purchase?
    • Will the customer like the product?

2. Category

  • You teach AI how to categorize text within your data. Your existing data will need to have the text already associated with categories. Your model will learn how to categorize text from your existing data. The more entries AI can learn from, the better

3. Entity Extraction

  • This model identifies key items in text and assigns them predefined categories. This gives the data more standard and expected results. It will pick up on words and phrases, then assign them to a category. Basically, describing the word or phrase.
    • 2020/05/15
      • Date
    • 80%
      • Percent
    • Minneapolis
      • City
    • Minnesota
      • State
    • Dodge Charger
      • Vehicle

4. Object detection

  • With this model, you provide pictures of objects and tell AI what the name of the object is. At least 15 pictures of the object needed for AI learning. AI can be used in other apps to identify an object and give the user the needed information about it.
    • Take a picture of a machine part to identify.
    • Bar code identification
    • Brand recognition
    • Product recognition

5. Forms processing

  • a. AI can extract data from predefined forms. Take a picture of an AI known document and it will extract data from the form for use as you see fit. This great for faster data entry.
    • Paper invoices
    • Insurance documents
    • Bill of sale
    • Receipts

Microsoft has included the following prebuilt models. These are great examples to get you started. You can use these as there are, modify them or learn from then to create your own.

  • Business card ready
  • Text recognition
  • Category classification
  • Entity extraction
  • Key phrase extraction
  • Language detection
  • Sentiment analysis

Once you have an AI Model created, you can use the model in Power Automate and/or Power Apps.

For more information, check out the following Microsoft pages.

I hope this has piqued your interest in how AI Builder can help your business and improve your business processes.

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