New Features Coming to Dynamics 365 Business Central Wave 2 – 2021 Release in October

By Marcus Haug | September 2, 2021

The Dynamics 365 Business Central Wave 2 2021 Release will be available in October. This release focuses around four core areas:

  • Helping users become productive faster
  • Expansion of built-in tours to cover more standard entities for better onboarding of additional business roles
  • Additional integration with Teams
  • Expansion to more countries and regions

Here is an overview of new features coming to D365 Business Central in October 2021.


Within the application, updates centralize on some of the most requested areas for improvement – including the finance and supply chain areas. Below are select new features included in the release. Click here to view a full list of enhancements.

Add additional columns through personalization in various pages to gain more insight. Updates have been made to all of the following areas. Read more about each in detail here.

    • Get Receipt Lines
    • Get Shipment Lines
    • Bank Accounts
    • Chart of Accounts and GL Account Card
    • General Journals and Recurring General Journal
    • Sales, Purchase, and Archive Documents
    • Purchase Documents

business central wave 2 oct 2021 personalizing lines

    • Item Card Page
    • Description 2 Fields
    • Name 2 Fields
    • External Doc No. Field
    • Contact Job Title
    • Source Type and Source No.

Add non-inventory items on requisition and planning worksheets

      • You can process non-inventory lines in much the same way as other types of items. If you use requisition and planning worksheets as the starting point for purchase orders in your procurement process, you can manually enter lines for non-inventory items on the worksheets. Then, when you create your purchase orders, the non-inventory items will be included. This allows you to use same procurement process for inventoriable and non-inventoriable items.

Bank and payment reconciliations

        • Payment reconciliation has been improved to include: separate number series, posting preview, ability to reverse GL registered posted through Payment Reconciliation Journal.
        • Bank Rec has been improved to include: simpler overviews when filtering bank ledger entries, easier to read test reports, updates to auto-matching, many to one matching now available, auto-matching when transferring differences to be posted in a general journal.

Couple records between Business Central and Dataverse (and apps for Dataverse) in bulk

    • When you integrate your Business Central with Microsoft Dataverse or Dynamics 365 Sales, both systems often already contain data. Because data in Dataverse can come from multiple sources, there might be data that you don't want to transfer to Business Central because it could impact financial reports and other business processes, such as invoicing and tax calculations. Bulk-coupling speeds up the process of coupling multiple records, while letting you define rules to control how the couplings are made.

Default line type in the sales and purchase documents

    • Sales and purchase documents can contain different types of lines, such as G/L Account, Item, Resource, or Fixed Asset. In this release you can select the default line type that will be suggested when you create new documents. You can specify the default type for sales on the Sales & Receivable Setuppage, and for purchases on the Purchase & Payables Setup page, in the Document Default Line Type

Delegated admin can create job queue entries and request approval by a licensed user

    • provides the delegated admin role so that people who are not employed by the customer, typically Microsoft partners, can set up and configure business processes for the customers.

Improved user experience to keep posting setup and dimension issues from going wrong

    • You can now investigate issues with posting setups on the Error Messagespage across the application

Integrate Business Central and Microsoft Dataverse with more efficient synchronization of multiple records

    • When users select multiple records, such as hundreds of customers or contacts, Business Central creates a single synchronization job per batch of selected records.

Item variant code on demand forecasts

    • Rather than setting up each variant as a separate item, you can set up one item and then specify the various colors as variants of the item.

Locations for non-inventory items

    • track statistics for non-inventory items by location, in the same way as inventoriable items or resources.

Production BOMs and routes on stockkeeping units in planning scenarios

    • You can leverage the information from SKUs by assigning them to production bills of material (BOMs) and routes. Additionally, it's easy to update the BOM and route on SKUs. You can simply specify a BOM and route on an item and they will be assigned to the SKU.

Rounding for base unit of measure

    • You can specify a rounding precision for base units of measure to guide users on what to enter for a given business process, and reduce rounding issues when using alternate units of measure.

Use multiple units of measure when synchronizing items and resources to Dynamics 365 Sales

    • Items and resources have a base unit of measure, but they're often also sold in other measures, such as bundles and packages. You can now synchronize more units of measure for items and resources with Dynamics 365 Sales.

Microsoft 365 Integration

Enhancements to Microsoft Teams integration

  • New sign-up experience for users who are installing the app but don't have a Business Central subscription. Users will be redirected to a page where they can read about and sign up for a trial subscription.
  • Improved search term capabilities, like multiple word search and special characters, for looking up contacts.

Centralized Deployment of Office add-ins

    • assisted setup wizards will guide administrators through the process of configuring the Business Central Office add-ins for both Excel and Office.

Enhancements to working with Microsoft Excel

      • Lists that are embedded in a part on a page can now be exported to Excel.

business central wave 2 oct 2021 embed lists to excel

    • From a report request page, users can export report data to Excel. The Excel file will only include the raw data, not the report layout.


Microsoft has made the AL language even stronger to provide developers with a great experience. Read details on the new features listed below here.

  • Generated documentation for AL language
  • Profiling AL performance with snapshot debugger
  • Transactional installation and sync of extensions on-premises
  • AL compiler diagnostic messages includes URLs
  • Richer access control for extension source in cloud environments
  • Force sync of customer-specific extensions in online environments

Power Platform

Show reports from named and shared Power BI workspaces in Business Central

    • Power BI had introduced named and shared workspaces, but in Business Central, you were only able to use the default workspace and the ones provided by Business Central. Now you can embed reports from any of your personal or shared Power BI workspaces into Business Central.


Additional functionality related to Modern Clients, Service and Platform, and more will also be included in the October release. View the full details on the Microsoft docs site.

If you need assistance applying this release to your system, or have questions about any of the features, reach out to the Business Central experts at Stoneridge Software.

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