A Digital Evolution in Garage Door Excellence with Microsoft Business Technology

Garage Door Excellence

A leading family-owned garage and entry door installation company based in Pennsylvania successfully revolutionized its business operations with the implementation of cutting-edge technology. The company’s journey from traditional paper-based work orders, lengthy payment processes, and limited visibility into sales and finance data to a streamlined, efficient system is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Facing challenges in payment collection, sales reporting, and communication between their finance and sales systems, their CEO and CFO sought a solution to enhance their overall business processes. Enter Stoneridge Software – a Microsoft partner with the specific expertise to assist in their remarkable transformation.

Through the strategic deployment of the following technologies helped the organization achieve a cohesive and interconnected system:

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service
    • Sales
    • Field Service
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Azure Integration Services

This integration provides seamless communication between sales, ordering, installation, service, billing, and payment collection. Resulting in a comprehensive sales, field service, and financial integrated application that facilitates on-site payment collection at the beginning of the sales process and the end of the field service process. This enables the ability to report in real-time using dashboards and views in D365 Customer Engagement and D365 Business Central.

Navigating Transformation: Unraveling Challenges and Crafting Strategic Goals

Prior to the project’s start, the industry leader faced hurdles, including delayed payment collection, sales reporting discrepancies, and a disconnected finance-sales system. The company relied on Dropbox as a homegrown CRM and document repository, which created inefficiencies that hindered its growth. Here are the key challenges and goals that defined the project:

  • Delayed Payments: Struggles in collecting payments on time were impacting the company’s cash flow and financial stability
  • Sales Reporting Issues: The lack of a streamlined reporting system hindered the accurate assessment of sales performance and forecasting
  • Disconnected Systems: The finance system’s lack of communication with the sales system, operating out of Dropbox, led to confusion regarding door orders and warehouse readiness for installation

Project Goals:

  • Streamlined Service and Sales Process: The primary objective was to create a seamless and efficient end-to-end process for both service and sales
  • On-Site Payment Collection: To eliminate the need for mailing invoices and ensure timely payment/deposit collection on-site
  • Organized Data for Forecasting: Develop a robust system for organizing data, eliminating reliance on manual Excel sheets, and enabling accurate sales forecasting and year-over-year reporting
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Improve customer satisfaction by streamlining service processes and measuring results through Google reviews
  • Performance Tracking: Implement a tracking mechanism to identify garage doors requiring additional service, allowing for proactive maintenance

Revolutionizing Operations: Business-Focused Integration of Dynamics 365 CE and BC

Stoneridge Software devised a comprehensive solution, leveraging Dynamics 365 Sales, Field Service, and Business Central, complemented by an iSolutions add-on for iPayments. The transformation involved a step-by-step approach, eliminating the reliance on Dropbox and Excel, and streamlining processes for enhanced efficiency. Here’s a breakdown of the implemented solution:

Transition from Dropbox and Excel:

  • Utilized D365 Sales to replace Dropbox and Excel, providing a centralized platform for streamlined operations

Order Creation and Payment Collection:

  • Leveraged Azure Integration Services for seamless communication between D365 Sales and D365 Business Central
  • Sales representatives can generate orders using the D365 Sales Mobile app. Through integrations, these orders are then automatically created in D365 Business Central. Following this, Business Central generates a payment link via iPayments, which is sent back to D365 Sales. This enables the sales representatives to collect 50% of the total order value directly in the field
  • Automated notifications to back-office staff and email distribution of quote documents for detailed order processing

Work Order Generation and Scheduling:

  • Processed sales orders in Business Central trigger automatic work order generation in D365 Field Service
  • Enhanced scheduling efficiency, ensuring timely installations and minimizing guesswork

Visibility for Sales Representatives:

  • Unified data across Sales and Field Service apps using Dataverse tables for comprehensive visibility into installation timelines
  • Empowered sales representatives to proactively address customer inquiries and provide updates on the installation process

Mobile Payment Collection for Technicians:

  • Enabled service technicians to collect payments on-site using similar integrations as the sales process
  • Incorporated offline capability for uninterrupted service even in areas with poor connectivity

Data Storage and Tracking in Field Service:

  • Tracked installed or serviced doors in D365 Field Service, storing vital door information for future reference
  • Replaced PDF file storage, simplifying access, compilation, and reporting

Automated Review Requests and Planned Maintenance:

  • Set up Power Automate to email customers direct links for Google reviews upon service completion
  • Automated planned maintenance work orders after installation or first service, ensuring timely check-ups for customer satisfaction

Flexible On-Site Payment Options:

  • Field technicians enabled to collect full or partial payments on-site via cash, check, or card
  • Invoice records in D365 Sales captured payment details, providing transparency and enabling efficient follow-ups

Admin Oversight and Streamlined Payment Processing:

  • Admins gained visibility into payment collection methods and amounts, facilitating accurate financial tracking
  • Decreased payment processing time, improved cash flow, and enabled smoother reconciliation of outstanding invoices

The integrated solution envisioned by the garage and entry door expert and Stoneridge Software not only addressed the specific challenges but ushered in a new era of efficiency, customer satisfaction, and data-driven decision-making for the company.

Elevating Efficiency

Overall, the move to Dynamics 365 Sales, Field Service, and Business Central enabled the industry leader to automate processes, improve customer satisfaction, collect payments, track valuable data, and manage their business through a multifaceted yet connected process. Integration between the Microsoft Dataverse and D365 Business Central connected data in ways that were not previously possible while enabling all roles in the organization to get what they need to get their job done. The mission of Stoneridge Software is to assist businesses in achieving success, presenting eye-opening possibilities. This, combined with the operational efficiency goals and technology-forward vision of the industry leader in garage door installation, serves as a compelling example of transformative success in the business landscape.

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