Unified Dynamics 365 Solutions Help International Drilling Equipment Drill Deeper and Work Harder

International Drilling Equipment CasaGrande

Started in 2007 with just two employees, International Drilling Equipment began as a distributor of top-quality Casagrande foundation equipment. They sell, rent, refurbish, repair, support, train, and provide drilling equipment parts across the United States and Canada. Within their first month of business, they made their first major sale, and subsequent success earned them the designation as an exclusive Casagrande distributor. Now the company has more than 30 employees with multiple locations in the United States and Canada, with goals to open more locations in the future.

Challenges in Preparing for The Future

Considering the rapid growth IDE had seen since its start, a disjointed set of business solutions was not going to cut it. They needed a singular, integrated software solution that ran smoothly and could meet the needs of their rapidly growing business. Working with solutions that were not integrated, IDE had no line of sight into their products or bill of materials, processes, or equipment. These inefficiencies led to a lack of true ability to connect with clients.

From marketing and sales, field service, inventory, supply, and logistics, plus accounting and finance, IDE needed all aspects of their business in one place. Seeking a robust internal system that would work in both the United States and Canada, IDE’s goal was to create:

  • Simple and Streamlined Processes
  • Highly Integrated Field Service Capabilities
  • Speed and Versatility
  • Reporting Capabilities

IDE’s solution needed a personalized tool that could be utilized by their sales and operations team when configuring their machines and components. Their system also needed to relieve the burden of vendor communication and price tracking.

Prepared to invest the time and resources to reach their goal, IDE partnered with Stoneridge Software to create a roadmap to lay the foundation for creating a singular, integrated solution that could run smoothly and grow with their business over the next decade.


Just like IDE’s motto, “We Drill Deeper and Work Harder,” the team knew that client-centric projects would drive them to be the industry leader in smart, safe, and efficient solutions.

Considering the IDE’s goals, needs, and vision, the Stoneridge Software team moved forward to create a roadmap engagement. This framework laid the foundation for a strategic plan for IDE to leverage Microsoft technologies that would solve their business challenges, remove the disconnect of their current systems, and integrate communication and collaboration across their organization – in one unified solution with the flexibility and functionality to grow with the business.

After completing the business technology roadmap, Stoneridge Software had a clear plan to implement Dynamics 365 solutions for IDE. This plan illustrated how these cloud-based solutions would work together to help IDE manage customers and leads, track service issues, schedule work orders, manage inventory and billing, and more.

Integrating these solutions will help:

  • Improve internal collaboration and efficiency
  • Enhance the customer experience by aligning their service team with the tools to empower customers
  • Increase data sharing across the organization
  • Empower their field service employees with new capabilities to ensure jobs are done quickly and efficiently


The roadmap results included a well-documented, clear understanding of every business process and a fully vetted proposed solution using Microsoft technologies. All of this was completed in just 5 months before the implementation engagement even began.

With transparency, collaboration, and technical expertise, Stoneridge is now in the process of implementing D365 Business Central, Customer Engagement, Customer Service, and Field Service for IDE. Once complete, this unified solution will enable their team to access shared databases, provide a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviors and deliver valuable insights for digital selling opportunities, plus allow users to prioritize leads and drive focused targeting. Most importantly, these functionalities will allow International Drilling Equipment to continue delivering the best products and solutions for their customers while supporting a smarter, safer, and more efficient industry.

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