Setup for Trade Agreement Journals in Microsoft Dynamics AX

By Trisha Field | August 11, 2016

There are many white papers and blog postings about trade agreements in Microsoft Dynamics AX. They describe the details of the decision which need to be made in order to set up a trade agreement. But they are missing the basics. Where do you go to access the setup tables?  Are all of the tables unique or are some of them shared?

Types of Trade agreements in Dynamics AX

Trade agreements are available in Dynamics AX for Price, Line discount, Multiline discount and Total Discount. I will outline each of these throughout the post.

Enable your trade agreements in  (activate them on a shared screen)

Paths:  Procurement and sourcing->Setup->Price/discount->activate price/discount

Sales and marketing->Area page->Setup->Activate price/discount

Setup Price/discount in Dynamics AX

NOTE:  Most of the setups can be accessed through multiple modules.  That means that one form is shared between the various modules those are noted by “(shared)”.

Trade agreement journal names (shared)

Paths:  Procurement and sourcing->Setup-> Price/discount->Trade agreement journal names

Sales and marketing->Setup-> Price/discount->Trade agreement journal names

Item group (shared)

Item discount groups need to be set up differently for each type of trade agreement.  Choose an option from the “Show” dropdown box.

Line Discount Group

Paths:  Procurement and sourcing->Setup->Price/discount->Item discount groups

Sales and marketing->Setup->Price/discount->Item discount groups

Inventory management->Setup-> Price/discount->Item discount groups

Item price tolerance groups group

Path:   Inventory management->Setup-> Price/discount->Item price tolerance groups

Vendor group

Vendor groups need to be set up differently for each type of trade agreement.  Choose an option from the “Show” dropdown box.

Price Group

Path:   Procurement and sourcing->Setup->Price/discount->Vendor price/discount groups

Inventory management->Setup-> Price/discount->Vendor price/discount groups

Customer Group (shared)

Customer groups need to be set up differently for each type of trade agreement.  Choose an option from the “Show” drop-down box.

Price Group

Path:   Sales and marketing->Setup->Price/discount->Customer price/discount groups

Inventory management->Setup-> Price/discount-> Customer price/discount groups

Retail->Setup->Pricing and discounts->Price groups

Smart Rounding

Path:   Sales and marketing->Setup->Price/discount->Smart rounding

Attribute-based pricing data (shared)

Paths:  Procurement and sourcing->Setup->Price/discount->Attribute-based pricing data

Sales and marketing->Setup->Price/discount->Attribute-based pricing data

Inventory management->Setup-> Price/discount-> Attribute-based pricing data

Trade Agreement journals

You will notice that the options you have will change depending upon which choices you make as you enter the trade agreement journal.

Relation “Price (purch.)” and “Price (sales)”

i.      Note that there is an option of Item code/Group from within the journal.  This field is not set up in the standard discount forms.  You would need to set it up from the view details form from within the journal.  It is not recommended to use this feature.

Group Setups used within the trade agreement journals

Trisha F_Table

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