Unwrap the Gift of Business Central This Year

By Natalie Lemke | January 2, 2019

Christmas may have come to a close for this year, but the
biggest gift for your business is still left to unwrap. Start your New Year off
with a resolution to gain insight to your data, make better business decisions,
increase customer satisfaction, and add to your bottom line with an ERP system
tailored to fit your needs.

Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a full accounting and operations solution with an easy-to-use interface for both experienced accountants, production managers and new hires. In fact, each line is equipped with an explanation and link to further information, which can be accessed just by hovering over the text.

Business Central offers more for small to medium sized
businesses than any other previous ERP package.

Simplified Expense Categories

In Business Central, you no longer need to memorize or scroll through multiple different expense categories to code an invoice correctly. Instead, every expense is tagged with dimensions that can be found through a simple search and can be pulled into a variety of reports, including as filters on Balance Sheet & Income Statement reports. For example, if you purchase office supplies for one of your locations, you can code that expense to the overall office supply account but use the location dimension to tag the items based on where they will be shipped/consumed. 

Secure Audit Trail

Each entry or correcting entry in Business Central is tracked, providing a secure audit trail throughout the system. You are unable to post an out-of-balance transaction and the system will auto reconcile, ensuring nothing is posted if there is a discrepancy.  For detail regarding entries, users with appropriate permissions can access sub-ledger entries.  For changes to records in the application (like customers, vendors or items) changes are tracked through the Change Log.  This area of the application can be configured to align with the level of tracking needed for your organization.

Easy Search Functionality

Gone are the days of searching through numerous windows to find the data you’re looking for. With Business Central, the easy to use search field will pull up pages, tasks, reports, analysis, and documentation based on the search parameters.  In this example we show searching for Change Log results in links to the Change Log set-up, Change Log Entries, Change Log reports, as well as Microsoft Docs documentation on Change Log topics relevant to users.

Predictive Functionality

Business Central automatically predicts sales invoices that may be overdue, giving your team more time to collect before a payment is late. Additionally, Business Central can also predict when to order additional inventory and the quantity of items that will be purchased each month.   Intelligent insights derived from the data in Business Central can alert users in specific job roles, such as Accounts Receivable, to actions needed proactively.  Other Insights delivered on your dashboard defined by your assigned role include Cash Cycle, Aged AR, Aged AP and other important key metrics.

Powerful Insights

Business Central works with PowerBI to generate in-depth
reports, giving you a graphical view of your businesses current financial
state, projected income, previous year’s sales, and much more. The options of
how to view your data and what you would like to analyze are limitless.

When you’re ready to unwrap the best gift you could give to your business, contact the professionals at Stoneridge Software. Our team wants to learn about your specific business needs and will show you how Business Central can act as the foundation for your business – helping you meet your needs and reach your goals.

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