2019 Spark Your Startup Business Pitch Finalists Announced, Cast Your Vote

By Leah Baker | October 4, 2019

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Finalists have been announced in the sixth annual 'Spark Your Startup' Barnesville Business Pitch Contest! Moving on to the final round are: Course VisionFlourish Wellness, FM Base Camp, Inovan, and Thompson Howard Home.

At 3:30 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 15, these business startups will make their pitch in front of a panel of judges and contest sponsors from Stoneridge Software, Dean's Bulk Service, Midwest Bank. Each startup has five minutes to make their pitch, and judges will have four minutes to ask questions, then score each entrant. Presentations will be evaluated and cash prizes up to $1,500, along with mentoring hours will be awarded. Presentations will take place at the Barnesville Economic Development Authority at 202 Front St N, Barnesville. The public can help their favorite entry win a cash prize by voting online for a People's Choice Award! Individuals are allowed to vote once per person through Tuesday, Oct. 15.

Review the participants and vote!

2019 'Spark Your Startup' Barnesville Business Pitch Finalists

Course Vision

CourseVision is an online platform that uses predictive analysis to develop the most efficient course schedule for university students. This platform will develop a graduation path preventing unnecessary requirement fulfillment overlap. Our platform also provides data on the next most attainable degree/minor/certificate in the least amount of time. In conclusion, CourseVision minimizes human error in the course selection process which saves students, time, money, and helps them get a clearer vision to their graduation while giving them an opportunity to consider efficient, additional accreditation in the shortest amount of time.

Flourish Wellness

The performance of businesses is at risk! Employee health is on the decline, fewer employees are engaged, and it's becoming more competitive to recruit/retain high-quality employees! Businesses are looking for ways to support their employees. That's why we created Flourish Wellness. A cost-effective digital wellness platform designed to help employers meet the unique health and well-being needs of each employee. The platform, built with employees in mind, builds awareness and increases access to local services that can truly improve health, boost engagement, and increase performance.

FM Base Camp

FM Base Camp (FMBC) is working on opening the first rock climbing gym in North Dakota. In addition to rock climbing gym offerings, FMBC plans on offering "fun walls" that appeal to families and light-hearted adults. FMBC will also be the only retail space in the region that sells rock climbing equipment.

Start here, explore everywhere - as the success of the recent documentary "Free Solo," and the addition of climbing to the upcoming 2020 Olympics show, climbing is moving from "extreme" to "mainstream" for people seeking recreation, fitness, and a way to connect with nature. FMBC will provide access to a facility and equipment that allow people to practice the skills necessary to pursue their own adventures.


Inovan’s innovative bone void filler (BVF) overcomes the major unresolved pharmaceutical and kinetics challenge. Although BVFs are a recognized suitable drug reservoir, they are not endowed with a truly controlled, antibiotic-releasing mechanism. Current approaches to achieve local antibiotic release with the desired kinetics often suffer from an early peak release (drug burst), with sustained subsequent drug release at sub-therapeutic levels, providing selective pressures that unintentionally favor development of antibiotic resistance. Inovan’s BVF will exploit a FDA-approved osteoconductive bone graft filler as a drug reservoir that promotes healthy cell-material interactions. A polymer coating will deliver sufficient amounts of drug to resist and remove microbial infection, as well as facilitating long-term efficacy and preclude antibiotic resistance.

Thompson Howard Home

Thompson Howard Home is going to provide a higher quality of care for those living with dementia compared to current standards. We will achieve this by utilizing our holistic care model that encompasses traditional and complementary medicine, animal, music, and reminiscent therapy to name a few. Additionally, to further support our mission, we will be utilizing behavioral training and the most up to date evidence-based practices for this population. An example of this behavioral training to ensure family and our community is comfortable and competent when interacting with their loved ones who have dementia, even through difficult times. We will teach them one-on-one, how to use improvisation and other tactics to diffuse uncomfortable or tense situations.

The 2019 Spark Your Startup Business Pitch competition is sponsored by Stoneridge Software, Dean's Bulk Service, Midwest Bank, the Barnesville Economic Development Authority, the Greater Fargo-Moorhead Economic Development Corporation, and West Central Initiative, as well as several in-kind donations from additional companies Cottonwood Designs, CEO Solutions and J&J Properties. Find out more information on the contest entry guidelines and rules.

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