BOM on the Fly for Dynamics AX

By Dan Liebl | September 10, 2015

Configurable Functionality Allows Creation from Sales Order or Form

BOM on the Fly is functionality which allows the creation of a BOM right from the sales order or sales quotation forms in Dynamics AX. It will also add the route for the BOM if it is specific to that configuration. What situation would drive the need for this? Are you a manufacturer of a configurable or make to order product? Do you have an infinite number of configurations? Finite number? Do these configurations require the need for specific instructions during assembly or production? BOM on the Fly can accommodate or answer all these questions.

It does require the use of the configurable functionality of AX. The parent needs to be set up as a product master and a default BOM needs to be set up with all possible first level options which could be selected. It also requires a default route be set up. BOM on the Fly requires the default BOM so it can give visibility to the customer service or order entry person to the options they need to select. It needs the default route so it can copy the operations or standard steps to the configured route. There is a setup on the item which allow it to be flagged as a BOM on the Fly item. A setup on the inventory parameters is needed to create a default to drive the ‘calculated’ sales price.

How does BOM on the Fly work?

Let’s assume we are a company which sells cell phones (just to keep it simple). Then, say a customer calls and wants a quote on a black iPhone 6 with 32 GB of memory. Our default BOM has colors of red, white, black, blue, pink and purple. It also has the memory which can be added and consists of 8, 16, 32, and 64 GB of memory. When the sales associate enters in the quotation, they enter in the iPhone 6 item number and other sales information as required. At that point, they click the button to explode the BOM, which then populates the lines in the sales quotation with all the lines from the default BOM mentioned earlier. The sales associate then selects all the options required for iPhone 6, selecting the black outer casing and 32 GB memory in our case. Once those are selected, there is another button to click to ‘create the BOM’. In this form they validate the components they just selected on the sales form, select the parent item, and then proceed to the bottom of the form to accept the default route, or override to add new run times for each step and notes if applicable. The last thing on the form is to enter a description for the configuration, and click OK. BOM on the Fly then creates the configuration, BOM version with lines as selected above, and the route as entered above.

Find out more at BOM On the Fly: Part 2 for Dynamics AX.

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