BOM on the Fly: Part 2 For Dynamics AX

By Nicole Gentz | September 23, 2015

What does BOM on the Fly look like?

This feature has two parts on the sales order:   The ‘Explode BOM’ button and the ‘Create BOM’ button.

1. First you key an item on a sales line.  When the BOM you have keyed is configured for BOMs on the Fly the buttons will become enabled on save of the sales line.

Explode BOM in Dynamics AX

2. Click the Explode BOM button.   This will create a sales line for each of the BOM lines setup for that BOM/configuration combination.

Sales Line in AX 2012

3. Select the lines that you would like to create as a new BOM configuration.   Click the create BOM button.

The BOM on the Fly form appears.

BOM on the Fly Form

What does BOM on the Fly do?

When you click OK on the BOM on the Fly form, the following happens:

  1. If a product master isn’t available, it is created.
  2. If a released product isn’t available, it is created.
  3. Product Configuration is created.
  4. Product Variant is created and released.
  5. Product Variant Configuration is created.
  6. BOMVersion record is created.
  7. BOM record is created.
  8. BOMTable record is created.
  9. The new BOM is approved and activated.
  10. Routes are copied from the routes tied to the originating BOM.
  11. Route times/instructions are updated if overridden.
  12. New routes are approved and activated.
  13. The sales line is updated with the new configuration.
  14. The BOM cost is updated.
  15. All lines there were selected as child BOM lines are deleted as sales lines.

That’s it!  You’ve now created a configuration of that Bill of Material all within the Sales Order Form.

Learn more in BOM On the Fly for Dynamics AX.

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